Winter Loves

December 11, 2012

// Moleskine smart notebook paired with Evernote. This is a note-taking, list-writing match made in heaven. I use Evernote for a ton of different things, but sometimes a physical list does the job better for me. So I bought a Moleskine smart notebook which is already super high quality, but this one has special paper (or something?) so that if you take a photo of the page an upload to Evernote your text will be searchable. I used fabric tabs to separate my notebook into four sections and I keep it with me at all times.

// DUKTIG Mini-kitchen by IKEA. This is one thing Meredith is getting for Christmas. I have seen it in real life and it’s very cute. I love that it is neutral and simple in style so it will go with anything, but I can also dress it up if I want to.

// Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik. We met the popular bloggers on their tour and I have had a lot of fun paging through their book. Can’t wait to tackle some more house projects.

// American Crafts Christmas roller date stamp. I am becoming obsessed with these date stamps and this one is perfect for so many things during the holidays.

// Gap cozy classic stripe scarf. I can’t find a link to the black and white one online, but I want it. I may have to go find it.

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    From Melanie:

    My non-techie mind has been blown this morning–the whole ‘take a picture of your page and the text is searchable’ How cool!

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    It is cool! I haven’t actually used that feature yet but I’m happy to know it’s available if I need it.

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    I just downloaded EverNote. I need to figure out the best way to use it; any advice is appreciated!!! I am in love with any kind of scarf as of late. It went from 50 to the 20s so it’s really awesome to have some warmth around my neck!!!
    Nora recently posted..Holiday Truths

  4. 4

    From kapachino:

    My Evernote kind of looks like this in outline form:

    Kapachino’s notebook
    —-Info (important numbers, etc)
    —-Books on loan
    —-David’s sleep talking (funny things my husband says in his sleep)

    Good Things
    —-One note per month where I write down at least one good thing per day

    —-Post ideas
    —-(Some post ideas require a separate note each because they are more in depth)
    —-Design details (to remember when I need to change something)

    Crafts & Projects
    —-List topics (for the book of lists)

    So that’s how I use it, and it’s great because it’s online and on my phone. I’m always finding new things to use it for too!

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