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list 10 : road trip must-haves

November 4, 2013

At the end of this week my husband and I are taking a road trip to the hill country to stay in a private cottage in an adorable town for two whole nights alone. I chose this month’s topic in honor of that! a good audiobook or podcast queue snacks: something salty + sweet stitching (if I’m not driving) water GPS The Instax photo is of our street, and I chose the background patterned paper because it reminded me of tires and wheels. Next month: I’ll be posting on December 2 and if you want the topic in advance, let me know! *** Confused by Book of Lists? Read this post! See all of my lists here. 0 Like

project life 2013 : weeks 40 – 41

October 29, 2013

Weeks 40 and 41 are from September 30 to October 13. I did an insert for our visit to the pumpkin patch, but above you can see the spread without it, and below with it. During this time was really when fall began around these parts, so I went with the color scheme. I usually stick to more neutral colors but this was just perfect for right now. I’ve been working hard on my niece’s stocking and I wanted to show the progress, but the bright Christmas colors would have really been out of place. Solution: turn it black and white! Another adorable video had to be included! Also note that a bunch of these journaling and filler cards are…
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project life 2013 : weeks 38 – 39

October 15, 2013

Weeks 38 and 39 are from September 16 to 29th. As I talked about yesterday, a magical thing happened over the weekend where Meredith was in an incredibly good mood the entire time and I was even able to do some crafting and work around the house while she was awake. Usually she is a demander of 100% of my attention but for some reason she happily entertained herself for awhile. She also took good naps and spent some time with David, so all this to say, I spent more time on this spread than usual and it was so much fun. Most of this is just normal, everyday stuff. A rare family photo! We found out that we are…
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list 9 : when i need a time out

October 7, 2013

This past weekend was great, but it was also exhausting so that I feel like I need a weekend from the weekend, you know? Anyway, this topic seemed appropriate as I recover from all the intense productivity. :) This actually turned out to be one of my favorite lists in appearance, simple as it is, mostly because my Instax picture actually turned out looking good! I think it’s way easier to get a good shot of something far away than up close. find a cozy corner and do something calming that I love (read, stitch) take a good shower eat something yum have a cup of coffee nap (if possible) phone a friend (or mom) drive somewhere alone Next month:…
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project life 2013 : weeks 36 – 37

September 30, 2013

This is from September 1 – 15. When I started working on it I wasn’t really in the mood but it ended up coming together really easily and it’s actually one of my favorite spreads. These were normal weeks. All pictures are just daily life with a couple of pregnancy bump shots. There was kind of a pink and green color scheme in the photos that I tried to stick with, and of course neutrals. On the above journaling card I wrote about a small moment I observed and it’s something I’d never remember if I hadn’t written it down. I surreptitiously grabbed a photo of Meredith at daycare through the window just after I dropped her off. It was…
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