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project life 2012 : weeks 14 – 17

May 31, 2012

As you can see, I got way behind again. Oops. But now I am caught up! So it’s all good. Week 14: Super simple week. I got some new washi tape so I played with it on the date card. Also got a scalloped circle punch that I used for some journaling. The little cartoon nurse is from a card a coworker made me. The bottom right picture shows the nursery after Meredith finishes playing in it, which is something we do a lot. The pictures here are mostly from a weekend. Visiting a book store, going running, Meredith being fascinated by the toilet, the book I finished, completed cross stitch project, the May photo a day list (that I…
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project life 2012 : weeks 12 – 13

May 9, 2012

I’m not completely caught up – still haven’t really started last week, although I do have the pictures printed – but I did power through the previous two weeks so here they are, before I get too far behind in sharing! Week 12: Week twelve had a brighter color scheme than is my norm. I like it though. I do try to keep each spread somewhat unified in terms of colors and feel, although it doesn’t always turn out that way. Here I was going for deep pink, orange, yellow, and blue. The weekly quotes are kind of getting hard to find! I like them to be on the subject of love, life, and home mostly, because that’s what my…
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project life 2012 : weeks 10 – 11

April 18, 2012

So I got kind of behind on this again, and then I realized that I only took about two good pictures during week ten and the next week wasn’t too eventful either, so I decided to be flexible with myself and combined two weeks into one spread with an insert for Easter. Here’s the whole spread with the front of the insert. On the left side you can see that there is a big blank spot in the top right corner. That’s because David had some family in town and we took a group picture, but it wasn’t taken with my camera and I haven’t received the file yet. I don’t know when I’ll get it, but that’s where it’s…
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project life 2012 : weeks 8 – 9

April 3, 2012

I got kind of behind last week and ended up finishing week 8 and putting together week 9 all in one sitting. It still turned out great and there was really no stress involved. Week 8 I got the layout done and most of the pictures put in quickly and added just a little bit of journaling. One reason that it took me so long to finish is because I’ve been having problems with our printer. It’s not completely broken, but using it is a two-person job and way too much of a hassle. So I had to wait until I could make it to my parents’ house to get that stuff done. Meredith turned 8 months old that week,…
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project life 2012 : week 7

March 27, 2012

That’s week 7 for me, since I started at the beginning of February. I’m a week behind in posting my progress because lately I haven’t been finishing until halfway through the next week. But that’s just how it has to be and I’m fine with it. It’s getting done. Still loving it. I was really strapped for time to complete this week so it’s extremely simple. Mostly just photos with very little journaling or embellishment. However, we did visit Bayou Bend, which lent itself to some really pretty pictures, so I included those in an insert. For the insert I just cut a 6×12 piece of cardstock and taped the photos to it. I slipped it inside a page protector…
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