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project life 2015 : june (& future documenting plans)

August 13, 2015

These are the last Project Life spreads I’m going to make for awhile, and even though I know it’s a good decision I am also really sad about it! As I placed them in the album and paged through the rest of the year, I second guessed myself because it is really so cool to see laid out like this. But I’ve decided to try a new and easier form of documentation, at least during these crazy years with little kids. I’ll talk more about my change of plans in a bit, but first here are the layouts from June, if you’d like to see. These were made using the Project Life app, along with some digital templates by Paislee…
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project life 2015 : may 2

July 13, 2015

Here is another Project Life spread for you! This one is from the second half of May. It was made using a combination of the Project Life app, the Collect app, and Paislee Press templates. Once again I didn’t distribute my handwritten journaling very well! All on the left side this week. I’m learning! This first side documented kind of a tough week when Liam had a terrible virus and David was out of town for a few days. But book club and a fun 5k with a friend were high points! The right side was more of a mixed bag of random life photos. I want to mention again that the quality of prints from the Project Life app…
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project life 2015 : may 1

July 6, 2015

I’m trying to catch up on sharing my spreads with you! I have them printed through May, and I have them created (in the app) through June. This spread covers the first half of May. So this was kind of the beginning of summer. For this side of the spread I decided to number my photos and caption them all on one card. I stamped them and wrote the journaling after printing. On the right side, all I did after printing was handwrite some journaling and glue down a couple of movie tickets. One thing I notice is that I didn’t balance my handwritten journaling very much. I’m still getting the hang of creating these spreads in the app and…
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LIGHT : june

June 29, 2015

I’m continuing on the fairly positive path I started on at the end of April regarding my journey with the word “light.” I’ve pretty well recovered emotionally from a rough couple of months before that, and now I just have to keep the over-achiever in me at bay. When I look at each area of life that I’ve been focusing on – spiritual, emotional, physical, relationships, and creative, I see that there are a lot of positive things happening in each one, but also progress to be made. Right now I’m choosing to focus on the positive. This month was a writing-heavy one, kind of like a mid-year reflection. It was a helpful exercise. I looked back at the action…
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project life : april 2 & how i’m using the app

June 17, 2015

In the middle of April I decided to change my whole approach to Project Life. In order to save time, I decided to start using the app. It’s a hybrid approach, because I do a little bit of work ahead of time on my computer, and I also add finishing touches once the page is printed. Let me show you my first spread using the app, and then I’ll explain the process. I’m doing kind of a monthly grouping with my spreads, but I still like to do “week in review” cards and work on things every two weeks. Because each month doesn’t have exactly four weeks, by this point in April I needed to include three weekly updates. Here…
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