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project life 2014 : weeks 39 – 40

October 15, 2014

Yay! Another spread that I am happy with. I’m still culling┬ámy photos so that I have more white space and journaling in each spread, and I’m loving it. I’ve also been using the Project Life app to plan and it is helping immensely! Next week I’m going to have a comprehensive look at it for you guys. On the left side we have a picture and story from my first 10k, a couple books I read, a classic #toddlerfashion, and just a plain ol’ cute pic of Liam and a pretty sky. I liked typing up some of my journaling in PSE this time. On the right side: the kids playing outside, at the toy store, journaling about our anniversary…
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project life 2014 : weeks 37 – 38

October 1, 2014

With this Project Life spread I feel like I’m back in the groove and inspired again. I love the way it turned out. As mentioned in my last update, I haven’t been happy with my spreads lately, and I realized the reason was because I was trying to cram too many photos in. It ended up feeling busy and chaotic with very little room for journaling or white space. I thought about going to weekly spreads, but decided against it for this year. The answer for me right now is to simply include less photos. I had been putting in almost every single cute pic of my kids just because it was hard not to. But I realized that I…
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project life 2014 : weeks 35 – 36

September 17, 2014

Kind of a funny story about this spread. I thought it would be fun to make a video of me putting the entire thing together from start to finish. Problem: my only camera is my iPhone. But I get these ideas in my head and I can’t relax until I figure out a way to execute them. Picture me on Saturday afternoon during precious naptime rigging up an elaborate harness using yarn and thumb tacks in order to hang my iPhone from the ceiling. I was climbing on the table and moving furniture. Positioning my supplies just so. I finally got it figured out and went to work. I didn’t give any thought to the spread beforehand, so there was…
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project life 2014 : weeks 33 – 34

September 3, 2014

Here’s my latest Project Life spread, which I just barely pulled off in time for my self-set deadline of posting every other Wednesday. I usually work on this on Saturday mornings, but over the weekend I turned our house upside down painting and rearranging rooms and all my craft stuff was displaced. So I did this yesterday afternoon instead, since I got to come home early from work. This is from August 11 – 24. They were pretty normal weeks. Meredith completed swim lessons, Liam turned 7 months old, it was really hot outside, I was working and running and quilting. The usual. Gosh I just love the way Meredith loves Liam, and how he has special smiles and laughs…
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project life 2014 : weeks 31 – 32

August 20, 2014

Time for another Project Life update! Here we have the usual two week spread ranging from July 28 to August 10, in my usual neutral style with no inserts. On the left side I documented our date night, the start of Meredith’s swim lessons, and her sickness. Filler and journaling cards are from the Midnight edition. On the right side we have a few everyday photos, the start of my half marathon training, and a QR code with a link to a video of Liam swinging that I thought was hilarious. Here is a good tutorial for making these QR code cards. I put it together myself in Photoshop Elements without a template. (And also, I am under no illusion…
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