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week in the life 2015 : sunday in the album

November 23, 2015

I’m officially finished with my 2015 Week in the Life album! And after today, you’ve seen it all. I thought I would put it together faster this year (theme of my life), it took three months, but that’s an improvement over last year! Anyway, here is what Sunday looked like: I got photos of all our meals for this day! The story of my disastrous morning. Ah, life! And church got a full page because it’s a big part of every Sunday for us. This spread was our entire afternoon and evening. Shopping with the kids and my friend Lauren, and then dinner at my in-laws’ house. A summary of a typical bedtime, and I couldn’t think of a better…
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week in the life 2015 : saturday in the album

November 16, 2015

Saturday in the album! This is one of my favorite days. I love the colors and we had a family adventure that makes me happy to look back on. That morning was rough but I got up and got going. Got the family ready to head to the beach. Simple pages. I love this spread so much. It shows our adventure in a nutshell; the weather, the drive, our family, and on the other page – our beach time. I just punched holes in the parking tag and put it right in. The rest of the beach adventure, and then baths because, of course. Then the wrap-up of the night complete with tantrums. Just life! Supplies used: Week in the…
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week in the life 2015 : friday in the album

November 9, 2015

Just wanted to share a quick week in the life album update! I’m so close to finishing this project. I’m just keeping it simple, as with all of the other days. This particular day I did all of my journaling typed out on photos and journal cards, so I just added a few small embellishments here and there. Mostly perforated word strips from the kit. This was a crazy day at work, so all of my photos came from the morning and evening. Which is fine, because I’d rather not relive that work day anyway. ;) I remember being so totally exhausted at the end of this day, but now looking back at these bedtime photos I feel kind of…
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week in the life 2015 : thursday in the album

October 26, 2015

I’m getting so close to finishing this project, over halfway through! I’ve been getting through a day each weekend lately so I should be done by Thanksgiving for sure. :) I like my albums to be cohesive so I pick a formula and stick with it. You’ll see the same things here as the other days. The “today” stamp above is from last year’s week in the life kit. Again you’ll notice that I put some photos back to back outside the page protectors. The pair on top is centered around daycare dropoff, and the pair on the bottom is about my work day. I’ve really liked including a lot of typed journaling on the photos, but I also like…
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week in the life 2015 : wednesday in the album

October 19, 2015

This album is still slowly but surely coming together! It’s taking me longer than expected (story of my life) because I’ve barely had any spare time these days, but finishing a single day at this point only takes about half an hour. Here’s the rest of what Wednesday looks like: Once again with this 3×8 insert I listed out a brief outline of our morning and afternoon, but today I had a photo of dinner to include. This is what happens when I take photos with the kids in the house. :) I liked this method of numbering the photos with stickers to match up with the “observations” journal card. This is probably my favorite spread of the album so…
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