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July 31, 2017

I’m in a period of waiting. Does anyone like waiting? Transitions? I would honestly like to know. I much prefer to have decisions made, plans in effect, routines functioning, etc. Primarily, I am waiting to enter the Catholic Church. Did you see that coming? Maybe, if you get my newsletter or follow me on Instagram. But the Catholic Church surprised me. After almost a decade watching one of my best friends live out her authentic relationship with Jesus as a Catholic, I finally started asking more questions about it over a year ago. I realized that I had a multitude of misconceptions about it, and discovered a fullness of faith that I hadn’t dreamed possible. I had a really hard…
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February 10, 2016

I don’t come from a liturgical church background, but this year I am observing Lent along with other church holy days. As I get older and discover more about myself and my personality (ISFJ) I have realized that traditions, holidays, liturgy, and observances really inspire me. I’m leaning in to that and hoping to bring it into my home as well. I thought and thought about how I should personally observe Lent. Some things I considered giving up were sweets, social media of some form, caffeine (that was just a passing thought), and TV. I also thought about adding in some things: exercise, family time/activities, Bible study. This is what I settled on: I am going to do daily Bible…
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art journal / 2 (and possibly the last)

September 16, 2014

I did this simple art journal page awhile ago when I was doing my Bible study on James. At the time I intended to make a page whenever something struck a chord with me in my study. Well, I couldn’t keep up. God was really speaking to me, but I began to feel like I was “behind” on this for-fun project. So I stopped. I still love the idea of an art journal and I love looking at them, but I find when it comes time to make my own I am overwhelmed by the blank page and I would keep putting it off and focusing on other things. The little pockets of Project Life work much better for me….
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excerpts from my journal

September 4, 2014

Inspired by this, I’m going to share periodically some of the personal journaling I do. Tuesday morning. 5:30 a.m. Liam is sleeping in my lap in a dense bundle of warmth and cuteness. I am watching Meredith sleep on the monitor, all curled up. And I can hear David softly snoring. I just drank a cup of coffee and wrapped up the last lesson in the Bible study on James. What an amazing book. I am so grateful for my life. For these children I’ve been entrusted. For the husband who is my partner and my love. For our home. It is all a happiness. But for all of these good gifts from God, I know there is more. There…
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life interrupted

September 1, 2014

Over the weekend we decided to tackle the project of switching the nursery, which the kids had been sharing but is very small with only room for a crib, with the craft room, which is the largest bedroom other than the master. I don’t need all that space for crafts, but the kids could use a bigger playroom and this way Meredith can have a “big girl bed” that hopefully she’ll be sleeping in soon (fingers crossed). I have known that something like this was going to have to happen at some point. Whenever I got frustrated with the family bed situation I would think about all that needed to happen to get the kids into their own beds and…
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