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That’s What It’s All About

August 6, 2007

We did the Hokey Pokey in church yesterday. In a big circle, during the sermon. Obviously it was a strange message. There really wasn’t much to it. But still, something that was said has stuck with me. The man who was speaking was describing how he used to do the Hokey Pokey with his kids when they were young. He said that although they loved the entire dance and performed it with boundless energy, they just could not wait to get to the part where they put their “whole self” in. As our congregation was instructed to form a big circle (you can do this kind of stuff in a tiny church like ours) and the song began to play,…
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Preacher For A Day

June 18, 2007

Our church is between pastors at the moment, so what we have been doing is calling on the members of the church to give the sermons. A different person each week speaks. Even though it will be nice to have a pastor again, this is a very special time for us as a church because we get to hear from so many different people. I was asked to give the message yesterday, Father’s Day. Even though I sort of dreaded it in the weeks leading up to it and was pretty nervous, it turned out to be a very rewarding experience. A portion: To really feel the amazement of what happens when you accept God as your father and thus…
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Don’t Forget to Remember.

April 7, 2007

As I have mentioned before, this semester in school has been hard on me. It has been extremely time-consuming and stressful. I hardly noticed when Lent began. I barely have time in the morning to read a Bible verse. I try to pray throughout the day, but let’s be honest. That doesn’t always work. Yet I didn’t want to just let Holy Week come and go like any other week, so I decided to find a church service to attend for Good Friday. I wanted something solemn, something traditional. I decided on an episcopal church, where they were performing the stations of the cross service. I went by myself, because sometimes I like doing things alone. And this was one…
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