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October 24, 2007

Seriously, everyone should get a dog like Cleo. She usually sleeps on my bed at my feet, which I love. But last night in the middle of the night she came up to my head and worked her way under the covers with me and cuddled right up next to me. It was the sweetest thing in the world, and I only wish I had been more awake to appreciate it. In other news, I am trying to figure out how to make extra money. I decided not to get one of the $10,000 loans that I got last year since school ends in May. I think I can make it, but I will be cutting it close. Besides my…
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one of the only reasons i don’t like living in the south

October 18, 2007

Last night I stayed at my brother’s house, as I do every Wednesday night because of my early Thursday clinical in the medical center, and as I was lying in the dark, trying to get to sleep, a roach crawled up my arm. I flipped out. I tore the room apart trying to find it because there was no way I was getting back in the bed without having killed it first. When I couldn’t find it for awhile I started to despair of getting any sleep that night at all. But as I was standing in the hallway searching, my brother (who was sleeping on the couch) abruptly jumped up and started dazedly looking around. I knew what that…
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“church parking only: violaters will be baptized”

September 30, 2007

When I lived with my parents, there was a church that we would frequently drive by which had a sign out front and its contents were constantly changing. My brothers and I loved it because the sayings were always something funny, witty, or weird. The signs were so creative that my brother David and his friend decided to start naming their songs after it. That’s how they ended up with a song called, “Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Form Sentences.” I was extremely pleased to discover that my new apartment complex (which I have lived in for a few months now) is situated right next to a church with a sign out front which changes weekly….
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a “disastrous” day

September 20, 2007

Today at lunch I had a fortune cookie, and the fortune read, “Today is a disastrous day. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Now I ask you: what is up with that? Today was NOT a disastrous day. Today was actually a very good day! I woke up at 5:30 a.m. at my brother’s place because that is where I stay on Wednesday nights now in order to get to my 6:45 a.m. clinical in the med center without having to wake up at an ungodly hour (as if 5:30 a.m. isn’t bad enough). At clinical today I was doing an OR observation. I LOVE the OR, and am seriously considering working in that area when I graduate. I…
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