November 25, 2015

excited to read the above three books and love on my home in the coming year. finishing up some really great books recently. celebrating a full night’s sleep for the first time in ages, and an hour-plus of alone time this morning before the kids woke up! seriously considering heading to Nordstrom on Black Friday to look for jeans and boots. I simply can’t buy them without trying them on, and I’m thinking if I don’t take the kids and just plan to be there awhile, it might be worth it. refraining from putting up many Christmas decorations because I’m worried about what the cats (who are really still kittens) will do to them. looking forward to starting a couple new…
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week in the life 2015 : sunday in the album

November 23, 2015

I’m officially finished with my 2015 Week in the Life album! And after today, you’ve seen it all. I thought I would put it together faster this year (theme of my life), it took three months, but that’s an improvement over last year! Anyway, here is what Sunday looked like: I got photos of all our meals for this day! The story of my disastrous morning. Ah, life! And church got a full page because it’s a big part of every Sunday for us. This spread was our entire afternoon and evening. Shopping with the kids and my friend Lauren, and then dinner at my in-laws’ house. A summary of a typical bedtime, and I couldn’t think of a better…
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what i’m for

November 18, 2015

Today I’m linking up with my friend Brittany to share some of the things I’m for. This is an attempt at positivity, even though I for sure don’t always feel it! But today I’ve had a decent night’s sleep and a scream-free morning, so I’m feeling pretty good. :) Coffee. Listen, coffee makes me a better person. I really don’t mind that my body is completely dependent on it at this point. Doing what works for you. This is my parenting philosophy. Although I have my ideals, life gets in the way and I’m all about surviving however necessary. Lullabies. Bedtime is hard for us right now, but a sweet song makes it easier. Sometimes a well-chosen lullaby can even calm a horrific tantrum. Here…
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week in the life 2015 : saturday in the album

November 16, 2015

Saturday in the album! This is one of my favorite days. I love the colors and we had a family adventure that makes me happy to look back on. That morning was rough but I got up and got going. Got the family ready to head to the beach. Simple pages. I love this spread so much. It shows our adventure in a nutshell; the weather, the drive, our family, and on the other page – our beach time. I just punched holes in the parking tag and put it right in. The rest of the beach adventure, and then baths because, of course. Then the wrap-up of the night complete with tantrums. Just life! Supplies used: Week in the…
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link roundup / 38

November 13, 2015

This custom calendar gift is such a fun idea (see above photo). I never understood the obsession with Marfa, TX until I read Miranda’s recap of her trip there. Clearly I just didn’t know enough, and now I want to visit for sure. We gave up on cloth diapering Liam awhile ago because something had to give for my sanity, but Ashley has a great post about what she’s learned in four years and she makes it seem SO simple (and it really is). People tweeting their awkward moments: I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in awhile. The Internet is so great sometimes. Fun & EASY birthday traditions for kids. DIY magnetic patterns car game. Looks like this would probably…
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