halloween costume plans & free portraits

October 20, 2015

This post is sponsored by Portrait Innovations because I think this event is really cool and want to share! So, have you got your kids’ Halloween costumes figured out yet? I usually wait until the last minute just because Halloween is not a big deal to me. Sometimes it pays off (once I found an awesome costume for Meredith at Old Navy the day before for only a few bucks) but as with most things it’s much easier to plan ahead. (Especially when you’re like me and hate to pay real cash money for them.) Last year’s costumes Meredith is finally at the age where she has pretty strong opinions about what she wants to dress up as. First, she…
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week in the life 2015 : wednesday in the album

October 19, 2015

This album is still slowly but surely coming together! It’s taking me longer than expected (story of my life) because I’ve barely had any spare time these days, but finishing a single day at this point only takes about half an hour. Here’s the rest of what Wednesday looks like: Once again with this 3×8 insert I listed out a brief outline of our morning and afternoon, but today I had a photo of dinner to include. This is what happens when I take photos with the kids in the house. :) I liked this method of numbering the photos with stickers to match up with the “observations” journal card. This is probably my favorite spread of the album so…
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link roundup / 35

October 16, 2015

1/ I really liked this post about getting back to old school blogging: all your photos and words in one place. I can’t keep up with social media these days and although I find it fun, I can’t do it all! 2/ Modern Parents Messy  Kids released their 2015 gift guides! These are my favorite for picking out kids’ gifts whether it’s Christmas or birthdays. 3/ Here is a beautiful, short post about being a foster parent to a baby. 4/ My friend Anna created a Facebook group called Toddler and Beyond for people with kids age 2+ and I’m excited to participate. Feel free to ask to join! 5/ I bought some new makeup this week for the first time in forever!…
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around here

October 13, 2015

  Hello hello! We’ve been staying busy, and here are a few things that we’ve been up to: Got a new car (last photo). David’s truck was past the point of saving so we bit the bullet and went to Carmax and came home with a 2014 Mazda5. He is letting me drive it, so I’m trying not to think about the car payment and just enjoying having a new car. I do really love it, even if it is approaching minivan territory. Started weekly Financial Peace University classes (Dave Ramsey). Bad timing to take on new debt but since there was no other option we are just focusing on making progress from here on out! My work is still…
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week in the life 2015 : tuesday in the album

October 5, 2015

My Week in the Life album is coming together one day at a time. Here is what Tuesday looked like: For this day I used the 3×8 insert to include more photos, mostly of what I ate and then of the kids at my in-laws’ house in the evening. Just simple. I had fun coordinating colors. The left side of this page was all about taking the kids to daycare and dropping them off. The right side was about me getting settled in at home for my day off. I thought the “there is no place like home” card was perfect because I absolutely LOVE being home. It’s my happy place. And this day I got to be there all…
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