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August 9, 2016

Guess what? I’m back to putting words out into the world! Although I can’t keep up with blogging these days, and I’m not very good at doing it sporadically because I put too much pressure on myself, I’ve figured out the perfect medium for me right now: I started a monthly email newsletter! The first one went out at the end of July, and a new one will go out monthly. I’m loving it because it’s more personal, more flexible, and it’s still a great way for me to share with you what I’m reading, things I love and want to share, fun links, updates from my life, and any other thoughts I’m having. I’ve received such encouraging feedback already,…
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five ways i’m learning to love summer

June 7, 2016

Hey hey! I’m stopping in today because I wanted to share some things that have been on my mind about summer. It’s in full swing here, despite the near-constant rain that is prohibiting us from frequenting the neighborhood pool so far. But then again, the rain is keeping the temps around 90 instead of 100 degrees so…silver lining? I’m not one to pick a favorite season, because I really do like different things about each one. When I was a kid I loved summer. The heat didn’t phase me and of course I loved the break. I went to camp, swam, and hung out with my friends and brothers constantly. But I’ve noticed as I age summer goes down and…
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around here

April 29, 2016

Life is chugging along quite as usual around here. It has been nice to take a break from the blog, and I have to say I think I’m less anxious now. But also, I’m feeling less creative. Writing frequently was inspiring, and it simultaneously fueled other forms of creativity like crafting. I haven’t been doing much crafting lately. Instead, I’ve been settling into homekeeping, seeing friends, planning for our future, working on my health, and in my downtime I’ve been reading. I’ve been in a pretty good groove lately with keeping the house neat and clean. However, this year I really wanted to do a whole-house decluttering and I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I don’t know if I…
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grove collaborative love & a free mrs. meyers cleaning kit!

April 26, 2016

Hi friends! I’m hoping to pop in later this week with an update on what I’ve been doing while I haven’t been blogging (spoiler: it includes a lot of rain and a lot of reading), but today I wanted to share something I have been loving over the past year because there is an awesome deal this week. If you haven’t heard of Grove Collaborative (formerly ePantry) you need to get over there right now and check it out. Basically, they provide all-natural, non-toxic household, cleaning, & personal care supplies cheaper than pretty much anywhere. And this week they have put together this Mrs. Meyer’s Everyday Luxury Set which you can get for FREE. Mrs. Meyers is one of my favorite…
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an update

March 30, 2016

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for so long after my last post! But here I am to offer a bit of an explanation. This might be a bit long, so hang with me. During the week that I posted last, Liam had been sick for two weeks and I was pretty stressed out financially about missing work. Not only that, but David was out of town all week so I was on my own. I was struggling emotionally anyway, and then suddenly I found out that our beloved church is closing. I’m not going to get into that here, but all of those things left me feeling incredibly unsettled. My first instinct was to do more. I started making plans…
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