what i read : june 2015

July 1, 2015

The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman – This was the third in the Magicians series, and the whole thing  was just so much fun to read, and each book was better than the last. Supremely satisfying conclusion. (5 stars) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes –  This one has had so much buzz and has been recommended highly, but I’d been avoiding it because everyone talked about how much they cried during it. Even though I believe in the idea of being present for suffering, I tend to avoid it in my personal reading because it can affect me strongly. Finally I read this for my postal book club, and although it definitely addressed a heavy topic and had an emotional ending the characters…
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LIGHT : june

June 29, 2015

I’m continuing on the fairly positive path I started on at the end of April regarding my journey with the word “light.” I’ve pretty well recovered emotionally from a rough couple of months before that, and now I just have to keep the over-achiever in me at bay. When I look at each area of life that I’ve been focusing on – spiritual, emotional, physical, relationships, and creative, I see that there are a lot of positive things happening in each one, but also progress to be made. Right now I’m choosing to focus on the positive. This month was a writing-heavy one, kind of like a mid-year reflection. It was a helpful exercise. I looked back at the action…
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link roundup / 28

June 26, 2015

>I loved Elise’s monthly photo project documenting her & her daughter’s year, and I super love the photobook she made from it. I just might have to do something similar (see photo above)! >Gorgeous blog about home life, and as far as homekeeping goes one of my strengths is tidiness. Loving this series about keeping things clean. >I’m so inspired to start a strength training program!! Now who wants to be my workout buddy? >These summer outfit ideas are just my style. >Speaking of style, here’s another year-round wardrobe that I love. >One couple is restoring a mid-1700’s chateau in France. I’m SO into this. >Even though it’s so hot outside now, I still love a hot cup of coffee…
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what we splurge on

June 24, 2015

As we are working on our family budget and getting serious about paying off debt and saving money, I thought it would be worthwhile to examine what we want to include that might be considered a splurge. These are things that we could cut out if needed but at this point in time are still important enough to us to account for. Here is what I came up with: 1. Air conditioning. We live in Houston and it is H-O-T. I can’t sleep well at night unless the house is cool, and David can’t be in the house at all if it’s too hot. We definitely keep it cooler than many people would but it’s huge for our quality of life….
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around here // father’s day weekend

June 22, 2015

How was your Father’s Day weekend? Ours was incredibly full and busy – but so fun. At the end of last week, Liam got sick with fever again. Poor guy seriously catches every little whiff of a virus. He still has congestion and low-grade temperature, but with the real fever behind him we’re just going on with life. On Saturday, after chores and errands (and while David was at work), my good friend Lauren came over to help me declutter and reorganize the kitchen. I wanted to start there since I spend so much time in it, and I figured I’d get the most bang for my buck. Lauren was a big help in providing feedback, and keeping the kids…
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