LIGHT : march

April 6, 2015

I’m going to break format this month for my one little word update. My primary reason for choosing the word “light” was because that’s how I want to feel on the inside. Overall I do feel that way in most areas, either making progress or doing well, but with parenting I feel like I’m going backwards. It’s been a huge struggle and I’ll probably write more about it in the days to come. The prompt this month was all about making concrete plans and actionable steps toward multiple goals. When I thought about it, there were five areas that I wanted to make progress in that are separate from my monthly goals. I chose three actions to take for each of them,…
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link roundup / 27

April 3, 2015

>I love to support other bloggers and one of my favorites, Elise Cripe, just launched preorder for her amazing planner + goal-setting book (pictured above). I’ll probably end up ordering one even though I would be totally fine without it. >One of my new friends from TxSC, Miranda, has a blog I love. I especially wanted to point out these posts she wrote about how to have a positive social media experience and creating a personal energy management profile. >Beautiful writing from Erin as always, this time about how we answer our kiddos’ bigger questions. >Handy tips for using Google maps. >Love this post about hanging in there through the first year of motherhood. Somehow I managed to post every day this week!…
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meredith lately

April 2, 2015

getting ready for bed she puts on her “nursing tank” and grabs two baby dolls… Meredith: I need two babies because I have two nursers! proceeds to pull down one side of her tank top and stuff a baby in her armpit. after hitting her head on a chair… Meredith: dangit! Me: what was that? Meredith: the chair say dangit. during a discussion about how she is going to go to a different school when she is old enough for kindergarten… Meredith: and Imma get BIG boobs and get milk in them and I’m gonna feed my baby! Me: sure! Meredith: (seriously) I’m GONNA get milk in them. while doing a floor puzzle and Liam keeps interfering… Meredith: he keeps…
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april goals

April 1, 2015

And just like that, the first quarter of 2015 is past. I’m loving this time of year! Here’s a recap of how I did with March’s goals: organize purse – done. I bought this and it’s been perfect. purchase real pajamas – done. I got these and they are super comfy. do another closet and makeup purge – I didn’t get around to it, so I’m rolling it to next month. take a knitting class – done. I love it and when I finish knitting my ball of yarn I’m going to go back to learn to purl, bind off, and read a pattern. complete Friday and Saturday in Week in the Life album – I completed Friday but didn’t get to Saturday. optimize two previous blog…
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what we wore : a day at the park

March 31, 2015

It finally got warm and sunny here after what seemed like months of dreary gray and rain. Meredith needed a little personal attention from mommy, so we had a girls’ day with a friend of mine. A little shopping, visiting my brother, and then walking around one of the nice big parks in town. Very fun. And hey, this is my first attempt at some outfit photos! Over the past year I’ve developed a pretty strong sense of my personal style so I thought it’d be fun to share. Unfortunately we were out and about in the middle of the day so the lighting here is pretty harsh, but you get the idea right? Meredith’s wardrobe is almost all hand-me-downs…
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