pocket prompts / 1

March 30, 2015

Recently I won a six month membership to the site Big Picture Classes. It’s a fun website for paper crafters and memory keepers with all sorts of classes. You pay by the month so you have full access to all the classes within that time. I’ve been having fun exploring the site. Two of my favorite classes right off the bat were Inspired Everyday Photography and Pocket Prompts. They are short, but have already inspired me to play around with my photography a bit. For awhile I’ve been neglecting to take photos, and while that can be good sometimes (I am enjoying the moment) I also want to document the stories. In the class Pocket Prompts, there will be five…
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texas style council 2015 recap

March 26, 2015

Photo credit: Chelsea Laine Francis For a couple of years now I’ve been interested in attending some sort of blogging event or weekend, if only to make new friends with similar interests. Last year, when I was considering making a bigger push to monetize my blog, I began actively seeking conferences to attend. Nothing felt right. But then my friend Indiana, who I had met through a mutual friend before either of us knew the other were bloggers, announced that she’d be putting on the fifth and final Texas Style Conference. It would be scaled back, totally non-glitzy, at a camp, with a theme of creating meaningful presence. I loved this. And since it was to be held within driving distance and all…
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back from texas style council

March 24, 2015

Hi friends! I made it back from Texas Style Council, and it was everything I hoped it’d be. I do plan to do a more complete recap of the weekend, but my head and heart are still swirling with thoughts and emotions that I want to process before I really write about it. I went with the purpose of making friends and having fun, and I totally did both of those. Being a volunteer was 100% the right choice for me because it allowed me to connect more quickly and easily with a smaller group of people rather than getting overwhelmed with 200 at once. I wouldn’t say it was a restful weekend because we did work hard and stay…
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link roundup / 26

March 20, 2015

I’m off at Texas Style Council, but in the meantime enjoy these links that I just discovered in my drafts. :) >I haven’t been inspired by a DIY project in awhile, but this acrylic and wood message board looks so awesome! (photo above) >I agree with everything Anne says in this post about boundaries in the books she reads (i.e. profanity/sex/violence) and I would add that I have the same thoughts in choosing other media like TV and movies as well. >For as much as I love photos, I hardly have any as part of our home decor. I’m thinking of changing that with something like this. >Trisha Harrison and the A Beautiful Mess girls are really making me want…
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off to texas style council

March 18, 2015

Well, it’s finally time for Texas Style Council. You’ve seen me mention it since last year and now I’m really going! Although I’m extremely excited, I’m also pretty nervous about leaving my kiddos. As a volunteer, I have to be there around 10 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday) so my plan is to drop the kids at daycare just like every other day and then make the drive. I will tell Meredith that I won’t see her for a few days, but my hope is that the blow will be softened by the routine of going to school and the excitement of getting to stay at her grandparents’ house. She has been suuuuper attached to me lately so I’m dreading the goodbye….
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