race report : just run for a just cause (my first 10k!)

September 29, 2014

You guys, things have been so crazy the past few weeks. I’m ready for some normalcy! Over the weekend David spent a night and a day in the hospital getting IV antibiotics and being evaluated. He just wasn’t getting over his pneumonia as an outpatient and it needed to be taken care of (he’s been sick almost three weeks now). He was admitted late Saturday night but got to come home Sunday evening, thankfully. On Friday I got a migraine while at work. I was the only nurse there and it was awful. I used to get migraines as a kid but I hadn’t had one in almost ten years until last month when I had strep, and now again…
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link roundup / 15

September 27, 2014

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy! >The four different levels of relationships, and what that means. Kind of an aha! moment here. >A new blog I found! If you like my blog, I’m guessing you’ll like hers too. :) >Where to buy fabric online. >Books you should read based on your high school favorite. >Another great reminder that slowing down is good sometimes. I could so relate to this! >And another link from Anne Bogel (love her): An autumn reading guide. What’s on your to-read list this season? I’ll be sharing mine soon! >I really like this idea to plan your capsule wardrobe using Polyvore! Might give it a try. 0 Like

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September 26, 2014

Genius: Asking for a whole bunch of help. With David being so sick and my work routine thrown off, I’ve relied heavily on my parents and in-laws for picking up the kids and babysitting to get things done. Fail: Losing my cool in front of Meredith. Last weekend I reached my breaking point, but at least instead of lashing out in anger I just broke down and cried instead. It kind of marked a turning point within me, though, and after some time alone and prayer, things improved. Currently: gearing up for a 10k in the morning worried about finishing since I’ve only run a handful of times in the past few weeks looking forward to church craft night tonight, if…
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30 days of lists : days 11 – 20

September 25, 2014

So this is kind of a crazy week. David has had pneumonia going on two weeks now, and I am also commuting to the medical center (over an hour drive) for meetings, which has really thrown off our morning and evening routine. I’m behind on many things, but somehow I’ve kept up with 30 days of lists! I haven’t been posting them every single day to Instagram, but here is the second ten days in full. I’m still having fun with this. When I post the last set of lists I’ll write a little more about the project as a whole. Have a fantastic day! The weekend is almost here! 0 Like

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fall goals

September 24, 2014

But first, a recap of my summer goals: >Complete Whole30 and reintroduction plan: did it! And it was awesome. >Finish Liam’s stocking: Check plus! >Go to the beach: Nope, we didn’t make it happen. We are such homebodies. Sadness. >Read a long book: Spent most of the summer reading Lonesome Dove, which I finished and loved. >Meredith’s birthday party: We had a great family day at the park. *** Now about my fall goals. Truth be told, I haven’t been in the best mindset for goal-setting. Things have been kind of chaotic and what I really want to achieve (a perfectly agreeable & compliant toddler, for example) doesn’t lend itself to measurable steps. So I did a little journaling and took some areas where I have…
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