how i’m doing daily devotions

July 30, 2014

Exactly one year before Liam was born, I posted this update on the state of my faith. In it I discussed how I floundered in my faith after Meredith was born and we lost our church, and how I eventually came back to a place of daily time with God and studying scripture. Since then, I have had another baby and changed jobs. My devotional time wasn’t always consistent before those two big events, but ever since maternity leave I have been diligent with it, mostly because I now have a lot more time in the mornings. I still wake up around 5am, but now I spend an hour in study and prayer instead of pressing the snooze button three…
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my favorite moments of every day

July 29, 2014

That first sip of coffee, when the whole house is dark except for the dim light in the reading room, and I settle into my chair and open my Bible. When Liam first wakes up and smiles over and over so wide that he can’t possibly look any happier to be alive, and I pick up his little body and marvel at the fact, once again, that he is here and he is mine. The first time I hug Meredith in the morning and and how she is so warm and cuddly and wanting nothing but to hold me. Seeing David again after we’re both home from work, and just being home. When I pick up the kids from daycare, and Meredith…
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natural personal care products

July 28, 2014

This post has been in the works for literally years, starting with way back when I decided to switch all my personal care products to natural versions. It’s been a super long process because first I used up what I had, and then whenever I would try a new brand if I didn’t love it I would still use it up before trying something new. Finally I’ve come to a place that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m sure I will still try new things (and update as I go). So as I’m choosing products what I think about is: 1) Is it natural and safe? There are some brands that I trust (you’ll notice several) but I also use the Environmental…
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link roundup / 7

July 25, 2014

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy! >On chasing achievement. >If you’re looking for something to do with your kids at home this summer, I highly recommend you check out Janssen’s “summer unplugged” series. Each week has a different theme including books, crafts, activities, and recipes. >I’m pretty excited about the new app Party Party from the girls at A Beautiful Mess and I downloaded it the day it was available. We don’t have a good photobooth in our area so I’m excited to try some fun projects with this! >White potatoes are now whole30 approved! (But not chips or fries.) I’m kinda mad they are just making this announcement when I did without them during…
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whole30 afterthoughts

July 24, 2014

Today I’m going to share with you the results of my whole30 experiment, plus a bunch of other thoughts and things I learned along the way. I hope that this will encourage anyone who is thinking about it to consider giving it a try! And if you are planning your first whole30 and, like I was, are searching online for success stories and tips, I urge you to reach out to me and I will help as best I can! I want you to know up front that it was definitely not as scary or as hard as I expected it to be. Now for the rundown! What my life used to be like: So, I wasn’t a total mess. I…
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