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two new holiday traditions : december daily and advent calendar

November 21, 2012

I know it’s just about time for Thanksgiving, but that means December and advent (my favorite) are right around the corner and I am already preparing for it. One of the fun things about starting your own family is figuring out what your holiday traditions are going to be. I’ve written before about what my family’s traditions were, and many of them are still intact, but now that we have a kid we are adding new ones. Here are a couple that I’m starting this year. December Daily One of the memory-keeping blogs I read is Ali Edwards. She has so many great ideas, and one of them is that every year she makes a December daily album with a…
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a first birthday scrapbook

August 7, 2012

Like I mentioned in Meredith’s first birthday post, the thing that was most important to me about the event was doing something to remember it by, including a sort of guest book. After all, she won’t remember the party, and I knew it would be a blur for me, too. (It was.) At first I tried to think of something unusual, but in the end what I kept coming back to was a simple scrapbook, because that’s what I love. My idea was that I’d buy an Instax Mini camera, have everyone take a picture with Meredith at the party, then decorate a page and write her a note. (This idea may or may not have been influenced by the…
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my first embroidered card

March 25, 2012

I’ve been making my own cards for years, but I was only recently introduced to the concept of embroidering paper. Now a whole new world has opened up for me! This is the first one I made: I wanted to keep it simple and just feature the embroidery since this was my first try. I got the pattern for the smiling cake from the stitchalong at Feeling Stitchy. I just printed it out, placed it on top of the cardstock, then poked holes with a thumbtack where I wanted to stitch. I widened the holes with my needle from front to back, then did a back stitch. I was worried about the French knots because I was afraid the holes…
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