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holiday minibook complete!

February 12, 2014

Okay, after two days of emotional posts I need to focus on some lighthearted things for awhile. Let’s start with this, our finished holiday minibook! I know it’s almost Valentine’s Day but since nothing was getting done but the bare minimum until this baby was born, I’m pretty happy that I finished it while it’s still winter anyway. For the base I purchased a mixed paper book from Petaline PrintsĀ (currently none are available but maybe she’ll have more next holiday season) which I loved and was perfect for what I intended. During the holidays I saved anything I thought I might want to add to the book, took lots of photos, and then after Christmas I printed them all and…
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holiday minibook plans

November 29, 2013

Hey friends, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a full and happy day eating way too much as we had two dinners to fit in. I’m happy that Meredith was in a wonderful mood despite not napping and having lots of treats. :) Today I’m holing up at home but trying to be super productive! I’m so thankful for my parents who brought our new bedroom dresser over today. It was free from a friend – hooray. Then my mom played with M. while my dad helped install new curtain rods and switched out all the outlets in our bedroom. Slowly but surely we are making progress! David and I get a date night tonight (yay!!) but…
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december daily : completed

January 4, 2013

And this little album is finished! I decided to end it after Christmas because now I am completely focused on the new year and a fresh start in so many areas. But I’m pleased with the tradition and I think it’ll make a nice addition to the holidays, even though as I said before I won’t be doing it on a daily basis in the future. You should have seen what was going on while I was taking these pictures. I had to keep moving the book around on the floor because the child or dogs would get too close. I was trying not to let Meredith get her grubby little hands on it but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough…
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december daily week two

December 21, 2012

I’m home today with a surprise fever baby (boo!), but before we head into the holiday weekend I wanted to give you an update on my December daily album. It’s coming along! This is from last week, and I will do one more update after Christmas. Have a great weekend everyone! I, unfortunately, am so not prepared for Christmas yet. I still have a bunch of cleaning, shopping, and wrapping to do. Good thing I don’t mind the hustle and bustle. :)  

december daily week one

December 10, 2012

After one week of this project I can very surely say that although I love the idea of a holiday minibook, I will not be doing this as a daily project next year. Not because I can’t keep up with it – I kept the format simple for that reason and it hasn’t been difficult – but because I just don’t have something holiday-related to document every day. Truth be told, most weekdays it’s all about work, trying to get home before Meredith’s witching hour, and surviving until the next day. So next year I’ll just do a holiday minibook, not a daily album. That said, I know I will be happy to have this one! Here are my pages…
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