december daily : completed

January 4, 2013

And this little album is finished! I decided to end it after Christmas because now I am completely focused on the new year and a fresh start in so many areas. But I’m pleased with the tradition and I think it’ll make a nice addition to the holidays, even though as I said before I won’t be doing it on a daily basis in the future.











You should have seen what was going on while I was taking these pictures. I had to keep moving the book around on the floor because the child or dogs would get too close. I was trying not to let Meredith get her grubby little hands on it but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough once and one of the pictures now has her cookie-stained fingerprints all over it. :)

Now that this is over, once I take down the decorations this weekend I will really feel like the new year has begun. Happy Friday!

The rest of the album can be found here: cover, week one, week two.

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