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week in the life 2017 : sunday

November 13, 2017

6:30 AM // Once again I’m up at the same time as Liam. We start by making and eating breakfast together; he has some eggs with me today. 6:55 AM // Settle down to do my Bible reading with Liam. 7:10 AM // Meredith is up with us now. The kids start telling each other silly stories and having Alexa play random songs and dancing. I’m not even annoyed that they are interrupting me because they are so cute. 7:30 AM // I talk to David for awhile – he is not feeling well. The kids watch TV. 7:50 AM // Get dressed for church and get the kids ready. Say bye to David and leave for church. 8:35 AM…
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week in the life 2017 : saturday

November 12, 2017

6:10 AM // Wake up at the same time as Liam. It’s hard for me to wake up before the kids on the weekends! I have another headache this morning so I first make and eat breakfast so I can take some medicine. I turn on Wild Kratts for Liam and give him some toast to eat. 6:30 AM // Meredith is up now too, so I get her some cereal. I go to try to get my Bible reading done. 7:00 AM // The kids are in my space and annoying me, so I go to my room but Liam finds me there. I give up on finishing my reading right now. 7:20 AM // Shower and get myself…
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week in the life 2017 : friday

November 11, 2017

5:05 AM // I get out of bed, unwillingly, but I do it. Make my regular breakfast and listen to the pray-as-you-go podcast. 5:15 AM // Eat breakfast in my reading chair, and do my daily Bible reading. Then I check Instagram for about ten minutes, and look for a package that was supposed to be delivered. Get really bummed because I can’t find it and I worry that it was stolen. 6:10 AM // Sign Meredith’s school papers and pack her lunch. 6:25 AM // Shower, dress, and makeup. 6:55 AM // The kids start to wake up because I let the cats in the room and they are being crawled on. They are sleepy today! Liam gets out…
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week in the life 2017 : thursday

November 10, 2017

5:00 AM // Since I went to bed so early last night it is easy for me to wake up with my alarm today! The kids are sleeping soundly and I go straight to my Bible reading. I also skim the day’s Magnificat entry. For the first time all week I feel rested and I don’t have a headache. 5:50 AM // I make myself breakfast and pack Meredith’s lunch. 6:07 AM // I eat at the table, then move back to my chair. I was going to read, but Liam comes out to cuddle. He is very interested in the cover of my book and says he wants to “look for baby Jesus.” Meredith comes out shortly, so she…
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week in the life 2017 : wednesday

November 9, 2017

3:18 AM // I wake up because my head hurts. Ughhh. I have had this same headache for three days now! I’m able to get back to sleep though. 5:00 AM // My alarm goes off but I turn it off. I’m not feeling it today. 5:11 AM // Liam wakes up and asks me what day it is. He always wants to know that lately. Thankfully he goes right back to sleep. 5:25 AM // I drag myself out of bed. I sit down to my Bible reading, but I doze off a few times. Eventually I complete it, but I probably should have made coffee first. 6:00 AM // Make my breakfast and listen to the pray-as-you-go podcast….
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