week in the life 2017 : thursday

November 10, 2017

5:00 AM // Since I went to bed so early last night it is easy for me to wake up with my alarm today! The kids are sleeping soundly and I go straight to my Bible reading. I also skim the day’s Magnificat entry. For the first time all week I feel rested and I don’t have a headache.

5:50 AM // I make myself breakfast and pack Meredith’s lunch.

6:07 AM // I eat at the table, then move back to my chair. I was going to read, but Liam comes out to cuddle. He is very interested in the cover of my book and says he wants to “look for baby Jesus.” Meredith comes out shortly, so she takes Ziggy from my lap and the kids both settle on the couch. I go ahead and get myself ready.

6:45 AM // Make the kids breakfast (cereal for Meredith, toast for Liam) and pack my lunch. Get the kids dressed and argue with Meredith about what jacket to wear. We are so not prepared for cooler weather and most of her jackets are too small.

7:15 AM // Leave the house and drop off the kids at daycare. I end up running into a guy out front who lived in my neighborhood when we were little, which is kind of crazy!

8:00 AM // Arrive at work. Today I am working in radiation oncology because their nurse is out. I like working there because I really like the people and the patients, but it’s a clinic nurse position and so I don’t do patient care. It’s mostly rooming patients, taking vitals and history, and working with the physicians. Today my favorite doctor is there so we chat a lot, and see a whole lot of patients one after another.

11:45 AM // We are finished with morning clinic and I go over to infusion to help my coworker Jenny with some things.

12:30 PM // I eat lunch (leftovers and yogurt) while reading. Afterwards, at my desk, I have a treat and catch up on documenting the morning’s patients.

1:10 PM // Afternoon clinic begins so I begin rooming patients. More of the same all afternoon: seeing patients one after another, then documenting.

4:25 PM // Leave work, stop to get gas, then head home. My mother-in-law picked up the kids and took them to her house today, so I have time to do the 7-minute workout. I then pack up our leftovers from the night before to take over there for dinner.

5:20 PM // Get to my in-laws’ house, realize that I forgot Meredith’s homework. They are babysitting tonight and the homework is due tomorrow, so I turn right back around to retrieve it. I listen to the Word on Fire show while I drive.

6:00 PM // Back at my in-laws’ house and we sit down to eat. Then the kids go cuddle with Papa while I catch up with my MIL.

6:45 PM // I leave to meet David at RCIA, which is the weekly meeting for people interested in becoming Catholic. There is a major wreck on the freeway so traffic is backed up and I arrive ten minutes late.

7:10 PM // At RCIA I grab a snack and some coffee, then sit next to David. Tonight’s first topic is the Beatitudes. After a presentation we split up into groups to discuss. The second half of the session is devoted to a presentation on Mary, Mother of God and praying the Rosary. We are given rosary beads and an instruction booklet. No time for questions or discussion, so I guess we’ll pick up with that next week.

9:30 PM // Pick up the kids from my in-laws. Meredith is asleep on the couch (as expected; she is my good sleeper) but Liam is still up. Meredith stays asleep all through the drive home and into bed, but Liam asks me questions the whole drive home and hovers around me whining while I get myself ready for bed.

10:00 PM // Finally lie down and fall asleep quickly!

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