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meredith at 2 years old

July 23, 2013

Last weekend Meredith turned two. She is adorable, cuddly, kissable, sweet, exhausting, needy, fussy, exasperating, and perfect. Things she loves: >Trying on shoes and walking in mine. Going through all her clothes and carrying them around. >Playing on her dirt table and collecting rocks. >Books! Her favorites right now are: Easter Surprise, Nursery Rhymes, Good Morning Good Night, Dr. Moggle’s Alphabet Challenge, and family photo books. >The Lego table at daycare, riding toys, trucks >Going on the “mermaid express” (when we bounce her up and down pretending she’s on a train) and we know she wants to play when she says, “all aboo! [all aboard] Choo choo.” >The dogs, and it’s adorable to hear her call them by name –…
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meredith at 18 months

January 21, 2013

Oh, 18 months. Full-blown toddlerhood. You are killing me. Sometimes with cuteness, but also with stress. Let’s just get the bad stuff out of the way. All of a sudden we have extended tantrums. I’m talking nonstop screaming from the time she gets home – won’t play, throws food in our faces, screams in the car, screams in the bath, violently throwing her body around – until the time she goes to sleep. I know that this is normal and will pass, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful. I think the most frustrating part is that she is perfectly good and happy in the morning and all day at daycare, and on weekends too. So it’s not that…
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meredith at 15 Months

October 26, 2012

I am just loving the beginning of toddlerhood. Of course there is the random screaming in public places and the tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, but much more of it is adorable actions and silliness and fascinating new developments all the time. This is what I want to remember about Meredith at 15 months old: >She weighs 24 1/2 pounds (75th percentile) and is 30.25 inches long (50th percentile). Basically she is still a little chub. >She is obsessed with her belly button. She pulls up her shirt constantly to point it out, and if you ask her where it is she will show you. She also knows where to find other people’s belly buttons. >How she likes…
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meredith at 13 Months

August 29, 2012

I thought I was done with the monthly updates! I’m certainly done with the monthly photoshoots; those things were getting stressful. Meredith isn’t developing as fast physically anymore, but everything else is changing so rapidly that I can hardly keep up. I think she learned at least three new skills over the weekend alone. So here’s the highlights of what’s up with her now. Not only is she walking, but she practically¬†runs. And most of the time it’s with her hands straight up in the air like a victory V. Perhaps she was inspired by the Olympic gymnasts. She can finally stack the blocks on her own instead of just throwing them. Of course her favorite thing is still to…
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meredith at one year

July 22, 2012

She: >Still only has one tooth, on the bottom left, and thankfully the sleeping has gone back to normal for now. >For awhile when she was actively teething she whined a lot and it sounded like a howl –¬†aaaeeeeee, aaaoooooo. >Got her hair cut, as previously documented. >Points like crazy. It’s the first thing she does when she wakes up, and it’s her primary way of communicating. To her it means everything – Look at that! I want that! Hi! I like you! I’m awake! I’m here! I know how to do this, so I’m just going to do it! >Has fallen off the bed a couple more times. And she’s fine. Not that I wasn’t upset when it happened,…
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