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meredith at 11 months

June 20, 2012

Keeping it real with the photos this month – these were taken after daycare, so her shirt is dirty, hair is crazy, and her mood was happy one second, crying the next.  She: >Kind of says “hi” now. Sometimes I’m convinced she knows what she’s saying, other times I’m not so sure. >Had some erratic sleep patterns this month for the first time. There were three nights in a row of no sleep, and some extremely early mornings. In addition, she regularly resists going to sleep and we’ve had to rely on the “night-night drive.” The past week, however, has been great – so who knows what it is. >Is very into cabinets right now. Her favorites are in my…
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meredith at ten months

May 21, 2012

She: >Was totally not in the mood for this photoshoot. It’s kind of a miracle it happened at all. >Wears 12-18 month clothes now, and we won’t buy anything smaller than 18 months because of her rapidly expanding thighs. If only they were as cute on me as they are on her. >Still waves sometimes, but she’s more into pointing these days. >Plays with her hair for comfort (see above picture). >Stands! And cruises! She got hold of a stable walking toy the other day at her grandparents’ house and walked across two rooms. Maybe she’ll be walking by her first birthday after all. >Is resisting going to sleep at night more and more. On the nights that we are…
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meredith at nine months

April 20, 2012

She: >Went from zero to crawling in about three days, and now she’s all over the place. I’m fast figuring out what needs to be babyproofed: she will go directly for cords and electrical outlets, but so far hasn’t shown any interest in opening cabinets. >Enjoys pulling things out, like books off the shelves, chip bags out of the pantry, and toys out of a basket. It keeps her occupied for a good while until she’s surrounded by a mound of stuff and gets stuck. >Loves to be outside, and it will almost always calm her down or distract her. But we have to watch her closely because she has already had a choking incident involving a piece of grass….
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meredith at eight months

March 20, 2012

She: >Is such a chunker. I haven’t weighed her recently, but I think she must be close to her fattest point. She drinks as much breastmilk as ever, plus baby food twice a day. >Hasn’t crawled yet, but I can no longer consider her “immobile.” She covers a lot of ground on the floor by pushing up, rocking, and pivoting! >Is easy to make smile, and lately has been laughing more. Over the weekend I laughed with her for probably thirty seconds straight, and it was pretty much the best thing ever. >Still goes to bed easily and sleeps well. Every night I nurse her to sleep in the dark and lay her down in the crib. Then when I’m…
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meredith at seven months

February 21, 2012

I know I covered up her adorable fat rolls this month, but David bought her this perfect mermaid outfit and I had to put her in it. We call her Mermaid more often than anything so it really fits! She: >Still has no teeth, which is perfectly fine with me. >Sits by herself better and better all the time, and plays well independently. >Isn’t mobile yet, but I know it’s coming. She gets herself on her tummy all the time now, pushes up (and occasionally pushes up her pelvis too), and scoots a bit. >Loves the dogs! Cleo is especially interested in her, and anytime she starts licking Meredith opens her mouth. Gross, child. Meredith actually fell off the couch…
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