meredith at ten months

May 21, 2012


>Was totally not in the mood for this photoshoot. It’s kind of a miracle it happened at all.

>Wears 12-18 month clothes now, and we won’t buy anything smaller than 18 months because of her rapidly expanding thighs. If only they were as cute on me as they are on her.

>Still waves sometimes, but she’s more into pointing these days.

>Plays with her hair for comfort (see above picture).

>Stands! And cruises! She got hold of a stable walking toy the other day at her grandparents’ house and walked across two rooms. Maybe she’ll be walking by her first birthday after all.

>Is resisting going to sleep at night more and more. On the nights that we are desperate to get to bed and she’s not ready we have resorted to taking her on a drive. Works every time. At least once she’s asleep, she sleeps all night.

>Likes her toys okay, but gets bored by them. What DOES keep her attention is a large bag of mini chips, box of sodas, any type of cord or string, the toilet, my shoes and clothes, and the dogs’ bowls. Some of these things I let her play with, some I obviously don’t, and then she gets pissed.

>Still has no teeth, and hasn’t said any words yet. My husband claims she’s said “dada” and I still claim that she doesn’t know what she’s saying.


>Could not get a single picture of Meredith smiling this month. Just an indicator of how our weekend went.

>Am still recovering from a nasty stomach virus. I also gave it to my husband and my parents, so I’m sure they’re really happy with me right now. At least Meredith is fine, but man is it hard to take care of a baby when everyone is sick.

>Have been slacking a little on running and cooking the past couple of weeks. Sickness, our microwave breaking, and social commitments have thrown me off.

>Am thinking about getting her hair trimmed soon. I wanted to wait until her first birthday, but it’s kind of out of control. I now know why so many little girls have bangs.

>Still haven’t babyproofed anything, except for removing the rubber tips of doorstoppers in her nursery and our room. She goes straight for those things and they go straight in her mouth. I hardly ever fence her in and usually just let her roam free.

>Have become super laid back about her eating. The other day she ate a strawberry that dropped to the floor at daycare and the workers were so scared and watched her like a hawk. They felt better when I told them that she’s already had it. She eats a lot of jar food but also whatever kind of table food is available. And she’s fine.

>Started brainstorming a few challenges for myself. I miss having goals, but what I need now is lists without deadlines. I’m thinking one challenge to do with crafting and one more general to do with life experiences.

>Still think being a mom is the best thing ever, and I completely melt when she hugs me and rests her head on my shoulder, or gives me a big slimy kiss, or laughs when I tickle her. I miss her baby-ness but I completely love watching her learn and grow.

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  1. 1

    From Ris:

    Those thighs! Cutest thing ever.

  2. 2

    From Elizabeth:

    That top picture is ridiculous! You’ll totally be able to get a lookalike when she’s 15 or so and you’re trying to wake her up, hah.

  3. 3

    From Becky:

    oh, that hair!

  4. 4

    From Ro:

    Meredith is such a darling!

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