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book review + giveaway : dark hope by monica mcgurk

August 28, 2014

Yes this is a sponsored post and I was given the book as well as compensated for my review, but I promise I was only asked for my honest opinion! And I would never do otherwise. So feel free to skip this or check it out! You may like it. *** I agreed to review Dark Hope by Monica McGurk for three reasons: 1) I spent most of the summer reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry which is an epic western. It was awesome, but with something like that I always want to follow it with a completely different reading experience. 2) I am no stranger to some YA fantasy. In fact it’s probably one of my most beloved genres. 3) It was…
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book club : flight behavior by barbara kingsolver

August 19, 2013

My monthly book club meetings are mostly just me and one of my friends, although occasionally attended by some other peeps, and we constantly reach out to other friends but no one else has seemed to stick. I do wish it were a little bigger and more formal, but I still like it as-is because I get to catch up with my friend who I otherwise probably wouldn’t see much, and we still choose books which gives us something to talk about and I usually end up reading something I otherwise wouldn’t have. I try really hard to finish the book on time because it’s a great incentive to finishing, and also in seven years I have never NOT finished…
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let’s pretend this never happened

March 7, 2013

I listened to Jenny Lawson’s hilarious and crazy memoir a few months ago on audiobook that I borrowed from the library, and I immediately knew I would love to feature it for BlogHer book club. A little background – Jenny is the author of the popular blog The Bloggess, and honestly I had never followed it before she wrote this book. But I started seeing a lot of positive reviews across the interwebs, and since I’m always looking for light and funny audiobooks, I gave it a try. Oh man. It’s a trip. She says she’s saved the best stories of her life for this book, and many of them really are hard to believe. At times I was just…
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a good american by alex george

February 21, 2013

This was on my to-read list ever since one of my favorite book bloggers said that it reminded her of East of Eden and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, both of which are my jam. Now that I’ve read it I can bestow my confirmation on such a high claim. It’s a multi-generational family saga of immigrants, starting around the 1870’s and following them over the next century. Those kind of books really work for me even though their format can be so different from one another. This one is a pretty straightforward history-telling. No jumping around in time or changing of narrators or any other tactics like that. The sentences are short and to the point. There are some…
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what i learned from bringing up bebe

November 28, 2012

I heard a lot about this book when it was released. It sounded interesting, and some people really raved about it, but I figured I wouldn’t like it much. Besides, I had never read a parenting book and didn’t know if I wanted to. Then one of my best friends (who does not have kids, but who loves all things French having studied there) read it and asked my opinion. She said it gave her a whole new perspective about stay-at-home-moms. Well, that made me want to read it enough to place a hold at the library. Because I may be a working mom, but I can tell you that if I had the chance to stay at home with…
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