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updates to my natural beauty routine

February 25, 2015

Last year I wrote a long post about all the natural personal care products that I use. Recently I’ve made a few changes and wanted to share those with you. I still stand by all the products in my original post, and if a change is not mentioned, I still use them. Face The only change I’ve made to my facial care is that I’m now using handmade body butter as a moisturizer at night, and in the morning too if I feel extra dry (which is often, during the winter). I also started using a tinted moisturizer during the day, but I consider it more of a makeup item. Makeup My skin has been too dry recently to use powder…
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ultimate healthy living bundle

September 10, 2014

Have y’all heard of the Ultimate Bundles? They are a hugely discounted bundle of resources – ebooks, ecourses, and bonuses like free product – that are only on sale once a year for a few days. Currently there are three of them: healthy living, homemaking, and DIY home. They couldn’t be more appropriate for me, and I’m sure many of you too! Last year my mom bought me the homemaking bundle, and this year I’m super excited about the healthy living bundle. In fact, I signed on to be an affiliate with them because it’s such a great deal and I really love the resources included. Seriously, read about what it is here! If you’re interested in healthy, natural living at…
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natural personal care products

July 28, 2014

This post has been in the works for literally years, starting with way back when I decided to switch all my personal care products to natural versions. It’s been a super long process because first I used up what I had, and then whenever I would try a new brand if I didn’t love it I would still use it up before trying something new. Finally I’ve come to a place that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m sure I will still try new things (and update as I go). So as I’m choosing products what I think about is: 1) Is it natural and safe? There are some brands that I trust (you’ll notice several) but I also use the Environmental…
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health update : physical

June 10, 2014

It’s time for an update! Since my original post on physical health I’ve made a bunch of changes and have more planned. Exercise What I’ve been doing: I mentioned I ran a 5k! It was so encouraging and motivating to be in a race environment. Most importantly, I felt really good running and I was very proud of myself. The week after the 5k it rained – I’m talking downpour and flooding – for about 5 days straight. So instead of running I did some yoga at home a couple of days, but mostly I made excuses. Boo. The next week I decided it is just too hot outside to run so I started the 30 Day Shred. Ouch. Plans: I…
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whole person health : emotional

June 3, 2014

I didn’t think I could do a series on whole-person health without addressing the emotional/mental side of things. Remember that this is just my own personal journey and not any kind of prescription for you. Although I have experienced true anxiety and depression in my life, I do not suffer from any chronic conditions in these areas. I have several close loved ones who do, but I am not going to address those things here because I can’t speak from personal experience. What I am going to talk about is my own mental and emotional health, which usually boils down to managing stress. Obviously as a woman I also have hormones to deal with, and maybe I’ll discuss that in the…
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