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July 28, 2014

This post has been in the works for literally years, starting with way back when I decided to switch all my personal care products to natural versions. It’s been a super long process because first I used up what I had, and then whenever I would try a new brand if I didn’t love it I would still use it up before trying something new. Finally I’ve come to a place that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m sure I will still try new things (and update as I go).

So as I’m choosing products what I think about is:

1) Is it natural and safe? There are some brands that I trust (you’ll notice several) but I also use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database. I try to choose products that are in the 0-2 range on their website, but in a couple cases I went with a 3 because I loved the product and it was just fragrance or something like that bumping it up. Also, not everything is in the database so then I have to check ingredients.

2) What’s the price? There are some awesome natural products out there but they can get super expensive. I’m on a budget so I’ve been trying the cheapest stuff that fits my other criteria.

3) Where can I get it? I know ordering stuff online is pretty easy but I like to be able to go to a physical store that is close by and pick something up if I need it. I get most of my stuff from Target, Whole Foods, HEB (a local grocery store), or Ulta.

4) Does it work and how do I like it? This is where I evaluate the product for itself, how it works, do I like how it smells, do I have any problems with it, etc. It helps that I have normal skin with no special issues so most products work on me pretty well.

Okay let’s get to it: this is what I’m using now!


face collage

CleanserAvalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Cleansing Milk. This has been a favorite for years. It works well to remove eye makeup and I love the pump dispenser and citrus smell.

Exfoliator : Mineral Fusion Facial Scrub. I use this about once a week. I used to be so bad about remembering it but then I started keeping it in the shower and it’s much easier to grab and use that way.

MoisturizerAvalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Daily Moisturizer. I actually prefer the Vitamin C version because of the scent (I adore citrus), but the lavender has a better rating.

Eye creamBareMinerals Firming Eye Cream. Do I notice a difference when I use eye cream? Not really yet, but I’m in my 30’s now so it’s pretty widely recommended. I admit that I skip it a lot though.


makeup collage_edited-1

Facial sunscreen : Mineral Fusion Brush On Sun Defense. This is a little extra sun protection for everyday wear (i.e. when I’m mostly inside) since I have fair skin. I love how easy it is to apply. I’m still looking for a favorite stronger sunscreen for when I’m outdoors a lot.

Foundation : BareMinerals Pressed Powder. (Mineral Fusion also has a good one, but I find the compact really hard to open.) I love mineral powder foundation because, as you can probably tell, I go really light on the makeup anyway and this evens out my skin tone while still looking natural. I’ve tried the loose powder version and it’s just a little too messy for my liking.

Blush : BareMinerals READY. I think I try a new color every time I get one and they’ve all been good. I use this lightly though. Again, the pressed version is just easier than the loose kind. I use this brush to apply it.

Concealer : BareMinerals powder (and I use this brush to apply it). I don’t use this very often but it’s pretty effective in dealing with mild red spots and blemishes. I’m still on the hunt for a natural cream concealer for when I get a bad blemish.

Mascara : Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!. I have tried SO many natural brands of mascara, hoping to find a cheaper one, but I keep coming back to this. From what I’ve tried, it’s the best all around.

Hair, body, and miscellaneous


hair and body collage

Shampoo : For my kids I use The Honest Company (it’s in my favorite orange vanilla scent) and I use it sometimes as well. Most of the time I use Nature’s Gate (note the price in that link is for a pack of 4). It lasts a really long time.

Conditioner : I don’t use conventional conditioner anymore, but I love the The Honest Company’s Conditioning Detangler spray. Smells and works great, and Meredith loves me to spray her hair too.

Lip balm : I can’t stand dry lips. I’ve actually found that Lanolin – which I had on hand from breastfeeding but hardly ever needed for that purpose – works amazingly well for this, which makes sense. And I usually only need to apply it once a day. I also love Pacifica Lip Tint for a hint of color.

Deodorant : I was so resistant to giving up my antiperspirant! I hate to sweat, but that stuff is so not good for our bodies. I tried several brands and so far my favorite is Kiss My Face Active Life. I have to be honest though, there was a big transition period where my body adjusted to operating without antiperspirant. I’ve gotten to a good place, but it’s been a combination of giving it time to adjust and getting used to sweating a little. If I work out, I’m still going to sweat. If I’m outside during the summer for long, I’ll still sweat. That’s the reality of going without antiperspirant. But at least I doesn’t smell bad. :)

Toothpaste : I do like Tom’s of Maine and it was my go-to until I started having trouble finding this SLS-free version. (SLS is linked with mouth sores, which I deal with from time to time.) Some stores also only carry it in peppermint, which I hate. So I started ordering toothpaste from The Honest Company as well, and I think I’ll probably stick with that. I love their kids’ version too.

By the way, if you can’t tell, I love The Honest Company. I used their diapers for Liam before we switched to cloth, and now I get their essentials bundle. It’s awesome because you don’t have to get it every month, but only when you want it. I usually order one every 3-4 months and get the stuff that I’ve run out of. If you want to try it, I’d be grateful if you used my referral link to sign up.

body and misc collage

Bar soap : Actually, the soap I use is handmade by the daughter of one of my patients. I’m obsessed with it. But since she doesn’t ship yet, I will also say that I tried and love Zum Bar as well.

Body lotion : This is one product that I still want to experiment with, but I do like Kiss My Face Vitamin A & E Moisturizer. I really want to find a citrus scented lotion though. This one is kind of an almond/earthy/milky smell which is fine but not my favorite.

Menstrual care : Getting real here for a minute! Thankfully I haven’t needed this much at all in the last several years (thanks kids!) but I switched to the DivaCup and never looked back. If you are curious about it I’d direct you to this blog post. I also switched to cloth pantyliners (mine are by Charlie Banana) for the light days when using the DivaCup isn’t necessary.

Okay, whew! I think that’s pretty much everything I use! I know there are a lot of ways to make your own products as well, but I’m a working mama who would rather spend my spare time in other ways, and I’m dubious as to whether I could make anything that would compare to this. I do, however, want to make my own household cleaning products, and that’s my next venture!

Please share with me if you have any natural products that you love, I want to try them!


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    From Trish:

    Very impressive! I don’t use many products (because I’m cheap and lazy) but I have been meaning to check out the BareMinerals line of make-up. And yes to lanolin for lips! I hated using it for breastfeeding, even in those first few days when I needed a little something (I just used breastmilk for cracking), but one of the best tips I received from the nurses at the hospital was lanolin for lips.

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