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april recap and may goals

May 3, 2018

April was a very slow and relaxed month for me. Not a whole lot of big stuff happened but I got to enjoy being fully Catholic, we celebrated Easter, we went to an Astros’ game with my family (my brother was even in town from New York), my mom had her gallbladder removed, we took the school hamster home for a weekend, we had our first book club revival meeting, David and I went to a concert, and I focused on some personal projects like crafting and deep cleaning the kitchen. As for my goals, I had intentionally simplified this month and made a lot of white space. The beginning of the year felt frenzied, mostly due to circumstances beyond…
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march recap and april goals

April 4, 2018

I absolutely loved the month of March! I was the happiest I have been maybe ever, the weather was simply gorgeous, and I officially became Catholic which was one of the highlights of my entire life. Also in March: I finally got my phone screen repaired My friend Sarah was in town for spring break and we went to the zoo together We celebrated several birthdays including my brother-in-law, my niece, and a couple friends I saw the doctor about my migraines My best friend had her baby shower We brought the daycare class guinea pigs home for a weekend Lots of beautiful church services for Holy Week David and I had our marriage convalidated Here is a recap of…
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spring break

March 20, 2018

I started writing this post in the middle of last week, but am just finishing it now. Obviously I am not a consistent blogger anymore. Spring break was last week, and we had fantastic weather. Upper 60’s and sunny. Just perfect. Over the weekend it became a little more muggy and hot, but that’s okay. The past few weeks have made me so glad to live where I live. David and I still worked last week and the kids went to daycare, but we managed to make the week special and fun, I think. I met another online friend who was in town with her family, and we went out to eat one evening and then took our kids to the zoo….
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how i spent my personal money: jan & feb

March 9, 2018

Inspired by Brooke, I thought it would be fun to share how I spend the money I have budgeted for personal spending (ie: “fun money”) every so often. Paying off debt is a big goal of ours, so it will also help to keep me accountable. Usually I budget $80 per month for my own use. In January, I wasn’t supposed to spend anything, but I ended up going over. In February, I budgeted higher because it was my birthday. January $50 – Domain renewal for this website (unexpected expense) $10 – Jesus tree felt pattern $34 – Blessed Is She Lent devotional Total: $94 February $38 – Felt from Benzie Design to make Jesus tree ornaments $26 – Jet…
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february recap and march goals

March 7, 2018

Another really busy month is finished and I’m behind on writing this post. In February: I turned 36 Lent began, and I celebrated the Rites of Sending & Election with the Catholic Church My parked car was hit on the street and spent two weeks in the shop We threw a birthday party for our two cats I had a friend visit from Norway (who I had never met in person) and we went to Austin for a girls’ weekend David got a CPAP for his sleep apnea and his life was changed Much of the above I wish I could dedicate entire posts to, but this will have to suffice since I am just now getting caught up with…
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