february recap and march goals

March 7, 2018

Another really busy month is finished and I’m behind on writing this post. In February:

  • I turned 36
  • Lent began, and I celebrated the Rites of Sending & Election with the Catholic Church
  • My parked car was hit on the street and spent two weeks in the shop
  • We threw a birthday party for our two cats
  • I had a friend visit from Norway (who I had never met in person) and we went to Austin for a girls’ weekend
  • David got a CPAP for his sleep apnea and his life was changed

Much of the above I wish I could dedicate entire posts to, but this will have to suffice since I am just now getting caught up with life.

And here is a recap of my February goals:

  • Renew RN license – Done!
  • Renew driver’s license – Done!
  • Pantry challenge with Jess – Yes, and I stayed under my goal of $400.
  • Go on a date – Yes! We went out to eat and saw a movie, plus we had the kids spend the night at my in-laws’ house so we had extra time together.
  • Go to Al-Anon – Once again, I didn’t do this. Apparently it’s not a priority? Even though I know it would be good for me and David, it’s really hard to find the time. Dropping it from my list for now and will rethink it.
  • Birthday list – Mostly done! A few things had to be rescheduled to March due to coordinating with a friend.
  • Prep for Ranveig’s visit and Austin trip – Prepared, went, and enjoyed thoroughly!

march goals

March is shaping up to be a lot calmer than the last two months. I will have a friend in town for spring break, Lent is in full swing, and Holy Week is the last week of the month. Other than that, it should be normal life, so I should have time to devote to personal things.

  • Read a spiritual or recovery book
  • Celebrate first confession
  • Complete Jesus Tree ornaments
  • Go on a date
  • No sweets
  • Try a bedtime read-aloud with the kids
  • Minimal personal spending

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