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liam’s birth story : part two

February 10, 2014

Part one *** It’s around 2:30 a.m. on January 17, I’m finally in a real L&D room, everyone is in agreement that I actually am going to have a baby pretty soon, and I am delirious with pain.┬áMy parents arrived and I had my mom push on my lower back to provide counter pressure and that was the only thing providing any kind of relief. David finally made it there too shortly after, and I was vaguely aware of his presence and comforted by it. Somewhere during this time my water broke, which was a horribly strange feeling and it sent stabbing pains through my groin and abdomen, increasing the pain everywhere. Although I had been begging for an epidural…
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liam’s birth story : part one

January 28, 2014

I intended to write this story all in one go, but it was such a crazy whirlwind experience (and in some ways traumatic) that I am still processing a lot of it and am quite fuzzy on some of the details. So as I work out what really happened and talk to some people about what they remember, I wanted to start writing the early parts that I am clear on while they are somewhat fresh. *** The last good picture of me pregnant, at 37.5 weeks. It started on Thursday, January 16. I was 38 weeks pregnant exactly. I went to work like any other day, but this day I felt especially tired and achy right from the beginning….
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