how i spent my personal money: jan & feb

March 9, 2018

Inspired by Brooke, I thought it would be fun to share how I spend the money I have budgeted for personal spending (ie: “fun money”) every so often. Paying off debt is a big goal of ours, so it will also help to keep me accountable.

Usually I budget $80 per month for my own use. In January, I wasn’t supposed to spend anything, but I ended up going over. In February, I budgeted higher because it was my birthday.


$50 – Domain renewal for this website (unexpected expense)

$10 – Jesus tree felt pattern

$34 – Blessed Is She Lent devotional

Total: $94


$38 – Felt from Benzie Design to make Jesus tree ornaments

$26 – Jet Pens sampler

$9 – Extra that I put towards buying a felt letterboard from Amazon (along with a gift card I had)

$6 – Photo album from Hobby Lobby intended for a week in the life project

$2 – Ribbon from Michael’s for the Jesus tree ornaments

$14 – Two books from Half Price Books: Confessions by St. Augustine and No Greater Love by Mother Theresa

$7 – Postcards from a shop in Austin

$19 – A book from Bookpeople in Austin: Breathing Underwater by Richard Rohr

Total: $121

In order to stay on track with my budget, I would ideally like to keep my personal spending around $25 in March. We’ll see how it goes. :)

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    From San:

    I love that you share this. I don’t really have a personal budget like that but I like keeping track of things like this.

  2. 2

    From brooke:

    love reading this! i think it is so interesting to see how people choose to treat themselves and spend their expendable income.

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