spring break

March 20, 2018

I started writing this post in the middle of last week, but am just finishing it now. Obviously I am not a consistent blogger anymore.

Spring break was last week, and we had fantastic weather. Upper 60’s and sunny. Just perfect. Over the weekend it became a little more muggy and hot, but that’s okay. The past few weeks have made me so glad to live where I live.

David and I still worked last week and the kids went to daycare, but we managed to make the week special and fun, I think. I met another online friend who was in town with her family, and we went out to eat one evening and then took our kids to the zoo. We also arranged two other evening play dates – one at a park and one at our neighbor’s house to have pie on Pi Day. Meredith also went on two field trips so she was pretty much exhausted. By Friday I was relieved when our other neighbors cancelled dinner. We had a pizza and family movie night and it was perfect.

The kids are in this phase where they both will only wear one pair of pants every day. Liam is also obsessed with a storm trooper jacket, which is unfortunately white. The hood has cutouts for the eyes and is more like a mask. Anytime I demand or even suggest that he can’t wear it because it is absolutely disgusting, he acts like I am torturing him. I say, why don’t you wear your Spider-Man jacket? And he says, but then I can’t be a power ranger!!! I had been handwashing these items of clothing in the evening and then throwing them in the dryer, but right on time (when I had a load in the washer) our dryer broke. So that’s fun. Eventually it got washed, and we are getting a new dryer today.

My reading life is slowly picking up steam after a long rut. I read Bitterblue which is the third in a YA fantasy trilogy and I loved it. It was the first book in a long while that I neglected other duties in order to read. My best friend and I are reviving our book club and have recruited a couple new members, so that’s exciting. And I’ve added spiritual reading into my morning routine again, which is how I read ten Catholic books in a year last year.

Lately we have had more downtime but it has seemed to fill up with spending time with friends, which is good but also I think we need more time at home to just hang out together. This week will be a normal week, and then after that – I can hardly believe it – is Holy Week. I will be at church a LOT that week, and I can’t wait. More thoughts to follow on that subject.

Happy spring. :)

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