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whole person health : physical

May 20, 2014

Continuing with my series on getting back to a state of whole-person health, I want to talk today about a huge chunk of that, which is physical. I’m going to start out by outlining my goals, and then discuss how I plan to address them. In the future I hope to give shorter updates of my progress. Personally, my goals are: 1. To fit back into my pre-baby clothes and hopefully get back to my ideal weight (I’m about 10-15 pounds over right now). 2. To be in shape and feel strong. I would also love to see some muscle definition of which I currently have none. 3. To feel proud of the food that I’m putting in my body….
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whole person health : spiritual

May 13, 2014

Today I want to start talking about my journey back to spiritual health. I’m not going to get into my faith background and I’m definitely not saying that I have this figured out. I am just your average Christian girl who has a deep love for Jesus but hasn’t been nurturing that relationship. I’ve let it slip to the background, and although it will always be the foundation of my life, if I’m not growing in this area I am falling away. I want to be brutally honest for a second: my relationship with God began to suffer once I had kids, and not just because they are so much work and keep me so busy. I mean, I was so grateful…
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whole person health : starting out

May 6, 2014

I consider myself a fairly healthy person overall, but some areas are definitely better than others. After having my second baby and changing jobs I really felt a change within myself. The extra time in my day and the lower-stress job I’m at now have made me feel like I have a whole new life. I really want to make the most of it. There are some habits that are very important to me that I haven’t been doing since before I had kids, and that needs to change because the kids aren’t going anywhere (I hope)! Anyway, I’ve been making some adjustments in my life and have more planned to become a healthier, more whole person overall. I want to…
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how i use essential oils for health

December 18, 2012

I am nowhere near an expert on this subject and am only just beginning to learn about it. But I’m a big fan of natural health products, it’s something that is very interesting to me, and a few people have asked me about it, so this is just some background and my limited experience. *** Last year I got together with my good friend Karlene who I hadn’t seen in awhile. She had been a teacher for many years, but she told me that she was planning on quitting her job at the end of the school year and building a business selling essential oils for Young Living. She in no way was trying to sell me anything, she was…
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self-care resolutions chart

December 12, 2012

So after I wrote this post last week about how far my reality falls from my ideal in the area of self-care, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My original intention was to incorporate these things into my monthly goals for next year, but I was inspired so I decided to do something about it right away. Most of the changes I needed to make were small and all I really needed to do was get them incorporated into my routine. To that end, I made myself a self-care resolutions chart. Right now I have it hung on a clipboard that’s on our refrigerator, and I glace at it a few times a day to make sure I’m not forgetting…
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