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meredith at six months

January 23, 2012

She: >Weighs 18 pounds even and is 26.5 inches long, which is 75th percentile for both. She wears all 6-12 month clothes now. Nice and chubby! >Is so grabby and purposeful with her movements now! She can pick things up, pull things toward her, and manipulate them in her hands much better. I especially love when she’s nursing, her free hand reaches up and plays with my hair, twirling it, caressing it, and eventually yanking it. However, she has also tumped an entire glass of water over at restaurants twice now. I am learning my lesson! >Can basically sit up on her own now, although we still have to watch her because she’ll get distracted and topple. >Makes all kinds…
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meredith at five months

December 20, 2011

She: >Has this adorable habit of sucking on her first two fingers of her right hand and draping her left arm over her face. I think it’s our favorite thing, and it usually means she’s sleepy. >Will suck anything in the vicinity of her face with vigor! Has no teeth yet, and seems to actually be drooling less than a month ago. >Has become so much more interactive in the last couple of weeks, moving more, babbling more, moving purposefully more…it’s so fun. She recognizes my husband now too and looks straight into our eyes. >Is wearing all 6-month clothes and medium cloth diapers. >Has these nicknames: Mermaid, The Maid, Sweetie, Rooster, Baby, That Rat (my husband…I don’t know). >Discovered her feet, and…
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meredith at four months

November 20, 2011

She: >Weighs 15 pounds, 3 ounces and is 25 inches long (near the 75th percentile for both)! >Could fill a lake with all her drool (this is my least favorite part of babies I think). >Looooves her hands, especially when they’re in her mouth. >Also loves being naked, and is starting to actively resist a new diaper. >Is interested in toys now! She reaches for them and stuffs them in her mouth and hugs them. So cute. >Smiles unfailingly when we hold her up to the mirror next to our faces. >Had her first real sickness requiring a doctor visit and time home from daycare. It was bronchiolitis and it was not fun for any of us. >Will actually take…
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meredith at three months

October 21, 2011

She: >Has been wearing 0-3 month clothing for awhile now, and is only just now fitting into some 3-6 month. >Went to her first wedding! (My brother’s – can’t wait to share photos.) >Sort of rolled over once! I wasn’t there, but my mom put her on the bed and she got from her back to her stomach by herself, with her arm caught underneath. Hasn’t happened since. >Still hasn’t had anything other than breast milk, despite some recent challenges. >Has really discovered her hands! She likes to suck on them, stuff them in her mouth, examine them, and grab grab grab. >Will pretty much smile at anyone if they look her in the eyes and smile at her, but…
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meredith at two months

September 20, 2011

She: >Weighs 12 pounds 5 ounces (83rd percentile), is 23 inches long, & is quite solid. >Cried for a solid five minutes after her 2-month vaccines and then promptly fell asleep >Can wear some of her 3-6 month clothes already >Gets mostly comments like, “Those cheeks!” or “Look at all that hair!” >Has started snorting when she’s crying or when she’s excited and it’s the cutest thing ever >Is babbling and “talking” more and more, but hasn’t really laughed yet >Chews and sucks on her hand a lot now, which I’m trying to encourage since she still won’t take a pacifier >Exclusively wears cloth diapers (mostly small Fuzzibunz) >Has a constant diaper rash even though we’ve now switched to cloth…
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