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meredith at one month

August 20, 2011

She: >Weighs ten pounds (!) according to my inaccurate bathroom scale >Lost her umbilical cord stump at three weeks which made me cry >Outgrew newborn diapers >Smiles a lot even though we’re not sure if it’s the real thing >Has crazy bedhead every morning >Likes to nurse A LOT and isn’t interested in a pacifier or bottle >Still has a mild eye infection caused by a narrow tear duct >Has a very calm personality, unless she’s hungry >Doesn’t particularly like baths, but then again she’s only had a few >Can hold her head up pretty well and likes to look around >Isn’t very good at crying, it’s more like grunting most of the time >Actually sleeps for a long time…
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July 24, 2011

I’m so happy to let you know that Meredith Susannah was born on her due date, Wednesday July 20 at 3:46 p.m. She was 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20 inches, with a full head of hair, dark blue eyes, and a single dimple. Of course there is so much more to say, and I can’t wait to write it all down, but bear with me as we get settled and home and get into the swing of things. We went through so much to get her, and here she is. I can hardly believe it!