week in the life 2017 : saturday

November 12, 2017

6:10 AM // Wake up at the same time as Liam. It’s hard for me to wake up before the kids on the weekends! I have another headache this morning so I first make and eat breakfast so I can take some medicine. I turn on Wild Kratts for Liam and give him some toast to eat.

6:30 AM // Meredith is up now too, so I get her some cereal. I go to try to get my Bible reading done.

7:00 AM // The kids are in my space and annoying me, so I go to my room but Liam finds me there. I give up on finishing my reading right now.

7:20 AM // Shower and get myself dressed, then tidy up the common living areas.

7:50 AM // Get the kids dressed, and David is up and dressed too. We drop the kids at his parents’ house and we go to our weekly Saturday morning meeting at the rehab center where David got started in recovery. We talk seriously on the way because he has been struggling with sobriety lately. At our meeting, we each have our own groups and mine is for spouses and siblings of someone with addiction. I get some good feedback on our current situation.

11:30 AM // Pick up the kids from my in-laws. Meredith is crying because she doesn’t want to leave – some cousins are there too. We drop David at home so he can go to an AA meeting, and then I take the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch. They eat everything and play on the play structure for quite awhile. I just zone out; my mind is too distracted to read.

1:45 PM // We are back at home and I am out of energy. I go lie down, put on a sleep mask, and try to nap. The kids just play around the house and David is napping on the couch.

2:45 PM // My mom comes over. I had asked her for help earlier, but then told her we would be okay on our own. She didn’t get my second message though. It’s nice to have her anyway; she plays with the kids and we talk a little.

3:20 PM // My mother-in-law comes back over to pick up the kids again. She is going to have them for the rest of the evening. I take the opportunity to clean the house while listening to the Word on Fire podcast.

4:50 PM // After cleaning, I do meal planning and work on the computer a bit.

5:20 PM // I’m somewhat anxious and the weather is gorgeous so I go for a walk around the neighborhood while listening to the RosaryCast. I discover that a walk around half our neighborhood is the perfect length for a rosary.

6:00 PM // I go meet some of my coworkers at Texas Borders Bar & Grill for a going away party. One of them is moving to Florida this month so we have dinner.

8:20 PM // I pick up the kids, and this time Liam is crying because he wants to have a sleepover. He actually cries all the way home and until we get into bed. Meredith falls asleep in the car and stays asleep, on the other hand. David helps comfort Liam and gets him to calm down. I just brush my teeth and get into bed.

P.S. Saturday two years ago and three years ago.

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