week in the life 2017 : friday

November 11, 2017

5:05 AM // I get out of bed, unwillingly, but I do it. Make my regular breakfast and listen to the pray-as-you-go podcast.

5:15 AM // Eat breakfast in my reading chair, and do my daily Bible reading. Then I check Instagram for about ten minutes, and look for a package that was supposed to be delivered. Get really bummed because I can’t find it and I worry that it was stolen.

6:10 AM // Sign Meredith’s school papers and pack her lunch.

6:25 AM // Shower, dress, and makeup.

6:55 AM // The kids start to wake up because I let the cats in the room and they are being crawled on. They are sleepy today! Liam gets out of bed so I get him dressed and make him toast. He starts crying because he doesn’t want to go to school, but thankfully it fizzles out when I ignore it.

7:10 AM // Fight with Meredith about what to wear. We have not had a fight like this about clothing in quite awhile and I don’t miss it at ALL. I almost have to put her in the car half naked before she finally settles on a shirt. Sadly, she cries the whole way to daycare and when we get there the school kids are already loading their bus. Her awesome daycare teacher Jennifer takes her over from me and comforts her. Meanwhile I drop Liam in his class. This week I have been bringing him in without wearing shoes. He stubbed a toe awhile ago and his toenail is coming off, so wearing shoes is painful for him. Thankfully his teacher Pari lets him go without until they go outside.

8:00 AM // Arrive at work. I drove here in silence because I needed to decompress from the crying! Check my email.

8:20 AM // First patient arrives and the work day begins. I have one chemo, one blood transfusion, and one iron infusion.

10:10 AM // Stop and have coffee and a snack, then finish up afternoon patients.

1:00 PM // Eat lunch, which is leftovers and yogurt.

1:30 PM // Go to a meeting with the radiation nurse, nurse navigator, and the director of the cancer center. We are talking about the process for distributing survivor care plans to patients.

3:00 PM // The meeting lasted way longer than I expected but I’m finally done. Go back to infusion and answer a voicemail.

3:30 PM // Leave work and Vox some friends on the drive. At home David is already there because he wasn’t feeling well, and we talk for a few minutes. I’m also excited to see that my package came a day late!

3:45 PM // Pick up the kids from school. At first Meredith seems very happy, but her mood deteriorates quickly. At home I get them a snack and they watch Sofia the First while I call my mom to discuss some plans and also call my best friend Maggie because I need to vent about some things.

4:50 PM // Make spaghetti and do the 7-minute workout while the water boils. Liam tries to do it with me which is so cute, but he gets frustrated and starts crying. Then the kids color while dinner finishes up.

5:30 PM // Dinner is served, and Meredith seats herself in the high chair to be silly.

6:00 PM // Tonight I was considering going to a movie night at our Protestant church, but Meredith’s attitude was so bad earlier that I don’t want to go anywhere. Instead I just serve ice cream for dessert and we have a family movie night. We watch Star Wars: A New Hope, but for at least half the movie the kids are jumping around crazy on the couch.

8:00 PM // Movie ends and we get ready for bed.

8:20 PM // Lights out!

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