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week in the life 2014 : wednesday in the album

March 4, 2015

Here is another installment of my slowly-coming-together week in the life album from last October. I really hope to wrap up this project in the next month, two months tops. I’ve learned a lot from it and am SO glad to have done it, but I’m ready to move on (and definitely make some changes for next time). Wednesday’s enlarged photo came from the morning when Meredith put her Gyffy toy in “time-out.” The rest of the page and the next are morning photos. I am still using the front of the 3×8 pocket to document meals. On the back this day I wrote down a few random things: a quote, a gratitude, and a favorite moment. Notice that I…
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week in the life 2014 : tuesday in the album

January 28, 2015

Hi there! Just want to quickly share my layouts for Tuesday of the week in the life album I have in progress. This one came together faster than Monday since I knew what I was going for. I’m starting every day with a full page photo with date stamped on the gold foil labels. I also plan to do a rundown of my meals on this narrow 3×8 page for each day. On the back of this one I wrote out a few Meredith quotes. The right side is some morning photos. The below layout encompasses the bulk of my day. Work (with pumping) and running on the treadmill after. It’s funny because I really can’t document much of what…
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week in the life 2014 : monday in the album

January 14, 2015

Well two and a half months later and I’m finally putting together this album! Before I share more I have a few thoughts: >I love this project and definitely want to participate each year. I bought and used the kit, but had to put together my own album since they had sold out. This year I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy all of Ali’s kits and albums because I don’t have a huge stash of my own, I love her style, and having it on hand really helps me get it done. >I do hope that the official week in 2015 will be earlier in the year, because this was right before the holidays and there was just no…
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week in the life 2014 : some thoughts on the process

November 6, 2014

Last week I decided to take part in the intense documentation project called week in the life that was started by one of my favorite memory keeping bloggers, Ali Edwards. Here are some thoughts on my first time taking part, along with some of my favorite photos from the week. Early morning list-making and coffee-drinking. She had just woken up. She is attached to this dog and blanket right now. / Liam at the doctor. Nebulizing. Bible study and nursing. A sticker Meredith gave me that I had forgotten was there. / Punching the code at daycare to pick up the kids. My current desk at work. Computer time while David was on kid duty. It was a gorgeous day…
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