december daily week one

December 10, 2012

After one week of this project I can very surely say that although I love the idea of a holiday minibook, I will not be doing this as a daily project next year. Not because I can’t keep up with it – I kept the format simple for that reason and it hasn’t been difficult – but because I just don’t have something holiday-related to document every day.

Truth be told, most weekdays it’s all about work, trying to get home before Meredith’s witching hour, and surviving until the next day. So next year I’ll just do a holiday minibook, not a daily album. That said, I know I will be happy to have this one! Here are my pages so far.

It’s really simple (and kind of boring, but oh well). Notice that a couple of days I don’t even have a photo, because I was too busy or there was nothing noteworthy. On those days I just stamped a random pattern on the cardstock. Also, I originally bought a set of brightly colored red- and green-patterned washi tape to use, but I just didn’t like it in here so I ended up using what I already owned. I guess I’m just not a bright color person, but hopefully I’ll find something to use it on.

Enjoy your week!

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    From Nora:

    You have the best handwriting I’ve ever seen. Seriously. M’s picture with Santa reminds me of my early day photos with him :)

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