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project life 2013 : weeks 36 – 37

September 30, 2013

This is from September 1 – 15. When I started working on it I wasn’t really in the mood but it ended up coming together really easily and it’s actually one of my favorite spreads. These were normal weeks. All pictures are just daily life with a couple of pregnancy bump shots. There was kind of a pink and green color scheme in the photos that I tried to stick with, and of course neutrals. On the above journaling card I wrote about a small moment I observed and it’s something I’d never remember if I hadn’t written it down. I surreptitiously grabbed a photo of Meredith at daycare through the window just after I dropped her off. It was…
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project life 2013 : weeks 34 – 35

September 11, 2013

I’m caught up again, and back on schedule for every two weeks! Feels so good. This spread is approximately the last half of August. They were just regular weeks so this is normal everyday life stuff. Again, it was great to have a bunch of horizontal photos to fill the space and I’m definitely going to keep making an effort to do this. I got a short video of Meredith taking a “running jump” into a kiddie pool at her cousin’s house and it was super adorable. I decided to write about one of our Saturdays and detail what exactly we did that day since it was a fun one. It also goes along with the photos at the bottom…
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project life 2013 : weeks 31 – 33

September 4, 2013

I am getting back on track! The weeks aren’t lining up exactly because this spread encompasses roughly the first half of August, but eventually I’ll get back on a two-week schedule. One thing that helped me a lot in putting this together was that I had a lot of horizontal photos to pull from. I’m still keeping things simple and it was nice to not have any inserts to deal with. The first page was pretty much all about our impromptu trip to Nashville to vist a friend. I loved the video of Meredith chasing geese so I uploaded it to YouTube and printed a QR code for it. This pocket includes the bulk of the journaling about the trip….
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project life 2013 : weeks 27 – 30 (july)

August 26, 2013

I am finally finished putting together the spread for July. I’m so behind and I’m not loving doing it this way. The first half of July was still first trimester haziness and then towards the end I emerged from that and began to feel better, but we were super busy. David’s grandmother passed away so we had a lot of family stuff going on, and Meredith had her birthday and party. So far in August I’ve been feeling great (hence the blogging I’ve been able to do) but it’s taking awhile to get all areas of my life on track like they used to be. The scrapbooking schedule is not a priority, in other words. So here it is. There…
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project life 2013 : weeks 22 – 26 (june)

July 15, 2013

For awhile there the last thing I wanted to do was work on this project. I barely took pictures or notes, which is why this single spread encompasses five weeks; the end of May and all of June. I’m totally fine with that and just happy to get anything down. I put this together in two sessions: one to get the basic layout and papers in place, and two to add journaling and finish up. So this is from May 27 to June 30. Not a lot happened other than finding out I’m pregnant and getting through the days. Other than one picture of a picnic with a friend, these are all updates about Meredith and journaling. When I first…
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