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february goals update

February 28, 2013

Here’s what happened with February’s monthly goals. Leave work on time. Well, I did better. I left late half the days I worked instead of the majority. And over half of those times were either less than fifteen minutes (which is pretty good, but still makes a difference in my commute) or because I was in charge. I will probably always be late leaving when I’m in charge and that’s just that. I would say that I am pretty good about leaving on time on regular days, and it is definitely a high priority for me now. It’s actually a good thing for my patients too because I am very prompt with them, which they like. All in all I am…
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bookshelves and a new (old) desk

February 26, 2013

When we first looked at our house I fell in love with these custom-built bookshelves and immediately asked if the owners would include them with the house in our offer. Thankfully, they agreed. We have a lot of books. The left side is David’s. The top two shelves are all Stephen King, the next two are miscellaneous hardbacks and trade paperbacks, the next is stuffed three layers deep full of mass market paperbacks, and the bottom shelf is my overflow, mostly reference books and Bible study stuff. David’s books might not the prettiest, but I decided long ago that since this is OUR house, not mine, I want it to reflect our shared life. The right side belongs to me,…
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february goals

February 1, 2013

*** I was trying and trying to come up with a seventh goal to match January’s list, but all the items I considered weren’t anything I’m really feeling right now, so in the end I left it at six for February. Numbers one and two are holdovers from last month. Number three is part of my year-long goal to make a quilt. The writing desk area will involve painting a desk I own and styling the area – this will make me so happy and will also be super useful. I want to master my slow cooker this year, but I need recipes that will still be good if they switch to warm for several hours after they’re done since…
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january goals update

January 31, 2013

So I set some goals for January and here’s what happened with them. Complete the Day by Day class. I did this! It was a self-paced class put on by Studio Calico about Project Life. There were two videos and a whole bunch of articles to read, all of which were helpful, and I even used the stamp set and printables that came along with it.  Choose a quilt size and design. Done and talked about in this post. Go on a date. We went on two! For David’s birthday we went to Fuddruckers and watched the Texans play on a giant screen, and then a couple weeks later we spontaneously went out to eat sans child. (We didn’t just…
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10 cross stitch

January 8, 2013

This is a simple challenge I’m setting for myself, to make ten cross stitch projects. It doesn’t have a deadline because I can’t handle deadlines right now. I do, however, want to keep stitching. It’s one of my favorite crafts and something that I can pick up and put down as needed. Like a book, I want to always have one going. My style is simple, “modern grandma” if you will, so there’s no reason I can’t get through more projects than I do. Also, they won’t count until I  finish them off. Right now I have one that’s been done for a couple of months but I haven’t found the right frames for it, and I hope to be…
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