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cross stitch #2 : home sweet home

April 11, 2013

I finally got these framed so I can share! I finished this project months and months ago. It’s from Cross Stitcher magazine and was meant to be pillows but I wanted to frame it because I am not advanced enough to make pillows nor do I really want needlepoint pillows. Did you know that it is not very easy to find square frames, especially 12×12 ones? I had to order these from Amazon and then get custom mats cut. It is hard to tell from this photo (and I apologize for the glare, it was impossible to avoid) but the frames are a dark mocha, not black. I am very happy with them and how the modern clean lines contrast with…
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april goals

April 2, 2013

The big thing about April is that I took an entire week off work (next week!!) for the specific purpose of crafting, working on projects around the house, and whatever else I want to do. I am sure that I will spend some extra time with Meredith too, but I am pretty excited about the prospect of getting so much done. Therefore, most of my goals this month are personal. There is the monthly quilt progress, and then I will actually have to take my sewing machine in to be looked at which is kind of a bummer. No matter what I do the thread on the underside is loopy and loose. I thought it was me being a newbie,…
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march goals update

April 1, 2013

Here’s how I did with my March goals. No screens while with people. I think I did really well with this! It was hard at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly and pulled out my phone less and less. I am a little sad that I haven’t been very active on Twitter or Instagram lately, and I do miss that interaction, but my life is very full right now. Do The Love Dare. This is a relationship challenge that lasts 40 days and each day includes a few pages of reading, a challenge, and a space for journaling. I have been very consistent in reading each day and I have tried to follow through on the challenge if it…
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cross stitch #1 : welcome

March 6, 2013

Okay! Today I finally have my first cross stitch project to share. This is a pattern that I kind of improvised. I saw something like it in a thrift store, took a picture, and made my own. I chose the colors based on another painting we have hanging in our entryway. I also framed it really quickly so pay no attention to the wrinkles; obviously I have some practice to do. And can you spot the mistake in the second E? I got careless while I was watching a movie and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to fix it. And here is where I hung it up. Someone is testing her boundaries in this photo, seeing if she can…
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march goals

March 1, 2013

Whew. For the past several weeks I’ve felt very off-kilter in my routines, in my relationships, and in my goals. In March I want to get back on track. The first two goals are specifically targeting my relationship with David. I am not going to have my phone out in front of him (or anyone else, including Meredith) at all because I want to be giving my full attention. The Love Dare is a book I got as a gift years ago that I barely gave a second thought to other than assuming it was totally cheesy. But last week I pulled it out and discovered that it has a lot to offer. Each day you read a couple pages…
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