april goals

April 2, 2013

april goals

The big thing about April is that I took an entire week off work (next week!!) for the specific purpose of crafting, working on projects around the house, and whatever else I want to do. I am sure that I will spend some extra time with Meredith too, but I am pretty excited about the prospect of getting so much done. Therefore, most of my goals this month are personal.

There is the monthly quilt progress, and then I will actually have to take my sewing machine in to be looked at which is kind of a bummer. No matter what I do the thread on the underside is loopy and loose. I thought it was me being a newbie, but I had my brother’s girlfriend who sews professionally look at it and she couldn’t figure out why it was doing that either. I am hoping it’s an easy and cheap fix.

On my vacation I also want to do a huge closet purge and organization. I don’t have a ton of clothes and I don’t buy them very often but there are a bunch that I don’t wear and I’m ready to start working on my style and this is the first step. My husband also has a ridiculous amount of old clothes and somehow I need to go through them as well (praying for his cooperation here). Meredith just got a bunch of hand-me-downs and since space is limited in her closet I have to do a purge on her stuff more frequently and it’s definitely time for that.

I’m excited to get completely caught up on Project Life and also to take on a “just for fun” craft that I didn’t get to do last month. I am also trying to start thinking of my house in terms of small areas or corners instead of by entire rooms so it’s less overwhelming. There are a couple of areas (mainly the breakfast nook and the front sitting room) that are very close to what I’d call “complete” and I think if I put my mind to it I can finish one of them.

Finally, I want to continue to focus on my marriage. Taking inspiration from The Happiness Project (which I loved and skim through every now and then) I want to do more outward showing of love. No matter how great my feelings or thoughts are toward my husband, he won’t know of them unless I tell him or show him. I tend to let busyness and childcare and fatigue get the best of me and I find myself slacking in our relationship. But if I just put forth a little extra effort life is so much better.

Also, I realized this morning that I didn’t get my act together to post this month’s Book of Lists on the appointed day, so I’ll be doing that next Monday, April 8.

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    From Lauren:

    Oh my gosh I forgot completely about the book of lists this month!

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    I will do Book of Lists with you next Monday; Easter weekend totally threw off my game when it came to my little ole ‘blog!

  3. 3

    From Mindy:

    I’m also behind on the BOL! I am kind of glad to see others are a wee behind as well… ;) I feel like I’m constantly purging kid clothes… it’s so nice to have little organized drawers for a time though, with everything that actually fits… (until Liv takes them all out during quiet time, which happens pretty regularly). Enjoy your vacation! Sounds wonderful.

  4. 4

    From Sarah:

    Yep, the loopy sewing machine thing is a tension problem. I think I actually need to have my sewing machine repaired for the same problem — but it’s been so long since I’ve had it out, I can’t really remember! Good luck on your clothes purge. I find that my husband is the trickiest piece of the puzzle here. Call me deceptive, but he rarely wants to get involved with my clothes clean-outs, so I’ve just started “setting aside” (aka hiding) clothes of his that I think should be tossed or donated. If he doesn’t notice they’re gone in a few months (assuming they’re seasonally appropriate) I just get rid of them. If I didn’t, I think our entire dresser would be full of t-shirts from 1999.

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