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maternity leave to-do list

January 27, 2014

I love making goals. I’ve done them yearly, monthly, with other time limits (like the 101 in 1001), and with no time limits. All kinds inspire and work for me, but I also know when to cut back because I don’t like setting unrealistic expectations. This year I am considering seasonal goals starting in the spring, but first I have maternity leave! There is a lot of recovering and adjusting going on so far, but I know I won’t be in pain for too much longer and with Meredith going to daycare most days I should have more time than I am used to. Here is what I want to accomplish before heading back to work: The current state of…
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november goals update

December 4, 2013

November goals were hit and miss, but I did make progress! 1. Prep holiday minibook – Well I didn’t end up having to do much prep since I ordered one premade, but it’s ready to go! 2. Photo a day – Totally failed on this one. I don’t think I’m ever going to attempt another photo a day because I haven’t completed one yet. 3. Document a day in the life – I did this on Instagram and will place it as an insert in my Project Life. 4. Address the dresser situation – This goal is more than halfway done! We got a new dresser for our bedroom for free from a friend of my mom’s. It’s the perfect…
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holiday to-do list

November 27, 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m super excited about it; it’s such a low-pressure, relaxing holiday. I also love that it ushers in the true holiday season and my mind is already there. As Meredith gets older the activities and traditions of it all are becoming more important to me. This year I’m also trying to stay on top of things and not wait until the last minute like I usually do, mostly because of my increasing fatigue and discomfort. So here’s my list of things to do before Christmas: + decide on cards (actually I think I might skip cards this year and just send out birth announcements instead) + finalize wish list and send to family + buy and…
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30 weeks + pregnancy to-do list

November 22, 2013

Symptoms: Oh man, I am just really tired all the time. Of course it’s worse during the week when I’m working but even when I’m just resting over the weekend I never really feel refreshed or energized. Sometimes I get short of breath for no reason, or I feel like the blood has drained out of me. And right now I have a cold that is super annoying. I have aches and pains, mostly in my upper ribs, but they are bearable. Overall I would say that this has been an easier pregnancy than my first, but the fatigue is just way, way worse. Medical stuff: Not a lot to report really. I passed my glucose tolerance test, and my blood counts…
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november goals

November 1, 2013

I thought that today I could share cute photos of our Halloween adventure, but remember how Meredith is two? Yeah, the evening was a little rough. I barely got any pictures at all and let’s not talk about how hard that is for me to let go of. Moving on, and instead let’s talk about monthly goals. First a recap of October’s goals: 1. Make a fall garland: did it, and shared it. 2. Go thrifting: did it, only found a few small things but it was fun. 3. VBS: did it and didn’t miss a single week. 4. Choose blanket colors: did it, and my mom purchased the yarn & started crocheting! 5. One craft just for fun: did…
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