30 weeks + pregnancy to-do list

November 22, 2013


Symptoms: Oh man, I am just really tired all the time. Of course it’s worse during the week when I’m working but even when I’m just resting over the weekend I never really feel refreshed or energized. Sometimes I get short of breath for no reason, or I feel like the blood has drained out of me. And right now I have a cold that is super annoying. I have aches and pains, mostly in my upper ribs, but they are bearable. Overall I would say that this has been an easier pregnancy than my first, but the fatigue is just way, way worse.

Medical stuff: Not a lot to report really. I passed my glucose tolerance test, and my blood counts are normal now that I’m taking iron. Only thing is…I’m gaining weight fast. Like five pounds in the last two weeks. I think it’s time to make healthier food choices. :-/

Movement: Quite frequent. It’s more like full body rotations and pressure than kicks at this point, but sometimes he will kick upwards sharply and actually hurt me. Meredith never did that! I guess he’s trying to make himself stand out already.

Clothes: All maternity stuff except for my scrub pants. The shirt in the photo above is my favorite. I got it for cheap at Ross and it’s cute and comfortable and not too tight and long. I want more like it.

Preparation: I still have not done anything further. This is getting scary because it’s holiday time so I have that stuff on my plate as well, and significantly less energy for all of it. So to get me on task, here is my official second pregnancy to-do list. The ones that are starred are the absolute musts.

>make the nursery gender neutral (mostly just involves changing out accessories)

>reorganize nursery to fit baby + toddler stuff

>get a new master bedroom dresser, relocate current dresser to guest room to use as kid clothes storage (this might be happening over the weekend)

>acquire a second car seat for each car*

>stock up on newborn and size 1 diapers*

>get baby stuff back from my sister-in-law (but this will wait till the end probably, since she still uses some of it)

>go through our baby stuff and see what can be reused

>choose a name* (I thought we had settled on one, but last night David said it wasn’t sitting well with him, and I’m open to choosing another but I just have no idea what! Who wants to name this baby for me?)

>do maternity leave paperwork*

>prepare birth details: hospital bag, plans for dogs, birthday cake (I’m so not concerned with this stuff right now)

>prep birth announcements (would be nice to do this beforehand)

>get a good pedicure

Am I missing anything big? I mean it would also be nice to get some clothes for him (we have exactly one baby boy outfit) but if it comes down to it he can wear girl clothes. Even though David is really against that. :)

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Comments on 30 weeks + pregnancy to-do list

  1. 1

    From K:

    I love that you are willing to put him in girl clothes! I had the same thought if I have a boy next. No one knows or cares what he wears at home :)

  2. 2

    From Tiffany:

    I have a bunch of baby boy newborn clothes (mostly zip up footies, sleep gowns, kimono shirts and onesies) that Bowen has outgrown already. You are more than welcome to borrow them! Do you still go to the same church as Karen? I can give them to her the next time we see them which will probably be this weekend. :-) Just let me know. PS: You look beautiful!

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    LOVE the shirt you are wearing. I’m a huge fan of all things stripes =)
    I don’t know any friends with baby boys otherwise I’d raid their closets for you.
    I kind of love shopping or my friends’ kids and babies so don’t be surprised if something shows up in the mail for you and the new baby boy!

  4. 4

    From Lauren W:

    I will buy you so much baby boy clothing. And help you redecorate/reorganize. Any really anything else. Just let me know what you need and I’m there.

  5. 5

    From callina:

    Just curious to know what you wear for scrubs? Good maternity scrubs are hard to find (& expensive).

  6. 6

    From kapachino:

    Sorry it took awhile for me to respond to this question! I actually don’t wear maternity scrubs. I wear maternity t-shirts with my regular scrub jacket, and then for pants I have some that are a size bigger and a different, looser brand than I usually wear. Cherokee Workwear has some that are the cargo style that work for me, but the best ones are Urbane because they have a super loose waist with a drawstring.

  7. 7

    From Hillary:

    I love Swistle’s baby name advice. Seriously – check out Swistle’s Baby Name Blog if you haven’t already :)

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