november goals update

December 4, 2013

November goals were hit and miss, but I did make progress!

1. Prep holiday minibook – Well I didn’t end up having to do much prep since I ordered one premade, but it’s ready to go!

2. Photo a day – Totally failed on this one. I don’t think I’m ever going to attempt another photo a day because I haven’t completed one yet.

3. Document a day in the life – I did this on Instagram and will place it as an insert in my Project Life.

4. Address the dresser situation – This goal is more than halfway done! We got a new dresser for our bedroom for free from a friend of my mom’s. It’s the perfect size and although it could use some refinishing in the future it is completely inoffensive and a big improvement from what we had. I will share pictures of the space as soon as I complete some more improvements. So we moved our (now) old dresser into the guest room, but I haven’t moved any baby stuff into it yet. I think going through all the baby stuff will wait until after Christmas.

5. Install bedroom curtain rods & outlet covers – So my dad came over and did all the outlets and covers, and he did a curtain rod in our front room but I didn’t have the right supplies to do the bedroom because the rod wasn’t as long as I thought! So now I need to pick up a new one to get this done. Maybe next weekend.

I’m getting really worn out already with this pregnancy and prepping for Christmas, so I’m not making any additional specific goals right now other than my holiday to-do list and pregnancy to-do list. I’m also not sure if I’ll be doing any goals for next year from the beginning since things are going to be changing so drastically for us, but I’ll be reevaluating as I go. As always I will keep you updated!

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