march goals update

April 1, 2013

Here’s how I did with my March goals.

No screens while with people. I think I did really well with this! It was hard at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly and pulled out my phone less and less. I am a little sad that I haven’t been very active on Twitter or Instagram lately, and I do miss that interaction, but my life is very full right now.

Do The Love DareThis is a relationship challenge that lasts 40 days and each day includes a few pages of reading, a challenge, and a space for journaling. I have been very consistent in reading each day and I have tried to follow through on the challenge if it applies to our situation. I have done journaling only sporadically but I’ve still appreciated the daily reminder to not neglect my marriage and I feel like in general our relationship has improved because of it.

Cut all blue triangles for quilt. I completed this in a couple of hours one weekend and it was very satisfying to finally DO something with that fabric. I can’t wait to see it come together.

Honor the speed limit. I did this. I wasn’t always perfect, but overall I was aware of what the speed limit was and stayed within 5 mph of it. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to worry about getting pulled over, and I felt safer. This, like the “no screens” goal, is a change that feels right and won’t be too hard for me to keep doing.

One craft or project just for fun. The spirit of this goal was not fulfilled, since I wanted it to be for something completely different and random. I did things for fun, like the quilt cutting, Project Life, working on a cross stitch, and making a birthday card for a friend, but those all served different purposes. Next month I’ll have more time so I think this will be a carry-over.

Get caught up on bills. After a rough start financially in 2013, we are finally in a much better place. We are caught up on bills and unplanned expenses and should be able to start saving more from here on out.

More family walks. We did go on more, say 1-2 a week, but before this month we hardly took any walks at all. I would like to do this a few times a week ideally.

March felt really busy for some reason and was kind of a drag at times. But I am loving the monthly goals format and I’m so glad I chose to do it this year. April goals coming tomorrow!

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    From Sarah:

    I was so inspired by your monthly goals that I’ve been doing my own, and I created a little link-up for us all to cheer each other on. Join us?

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