meredith lately

June 11, 2015

while she was trying to climb into the crib on her own and I gave her a boost with my hands as a “step”… Meredith: (giggling) remember that mommy? Remember that? Me: yes I remember that from two seconds ago. Meredith: what’s that mommy? Me: that’s your wart. Meredith: is that from Jesus? Did Jesus put that there? when we were picking her up from the grandparents’ house after a date night… Meredith: where’d you go, guys? Me: we went to the movies. We’ll take you to the movies one day when you get bigger. Meredith: ok! I will go and you guys stay here and then I’ll come back. driving┬áto church we pass a hospital… Me: that’s a hospital…
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a tip for spending less money

June 9, 2015

In our house we are getting serious about paying off our debt and saving money. Funny how as soon as you tell yourself that you can’t spend anything, all you want to do is buy stuff! For real, though. I’ve long known that for us it’s the little stuff here and there that adds up, but it’s so easy to justify those small purchases.┬áSo when we cut out all extra spending recently, I had to find a way to deal with the urges to buy things. “Retail therapy” really does work in the short run, but since it’s not in line with my overall values I know I’ll regret it later. On the other hand, I know that if I…
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around here

June 5, 2015

Around here it’s been a fairly normal week. We are in money-saving mode and I’ve managed to trick myself into considering it a game to see how little money I can spend. I’m also planning a trip to Galveston (an island town about an hour away from us) for next weekend, and after that a big house decluttering. Both have me excited in different ways. :) Around here Meredith is healing up from a dog bite she got last weekend. We know the dog well so we aren’t worried about rabies or anything crazy like that, but it was still scary. Dog bites can do strange things and hers sure enough got infected. It’s not healing quite like I want…
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morning routine

June 3, 2015

I don’t know what it was, exactly, that made me feel so tired and out of control over the past few months, but I was. During that time I let a lot of my healthy practices slip away. I wasn’t sleeping well, and I’d wake up late and spend my spare minutes browsing my phone, then I’d rush the kids out the door and work all day, have an energy crash in the afternoon, eat whatever I wanted to give myself a boost, and convince myself that we were too busy for me to spend time exercising. The first step in me feeling more like myself was to let go of the extras, to recall my priorities, and that helped…
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what i read : may 2015

June 1, 2015

Before we get into the book reviews, I want to mention that my blog has a brand new Facebook page! I’m pretty excited about it. I plan to use it to share links to all kinds of interesting or awesome things, as well as behind-the-scenes tidbits and discussion questions. I’d be thrilled if you go check it out – I think you’ll (literally) like it! Now onto the books – my reading has picked up again, hooray! I definitely go through phases with it and right now I’m in a good one. The above photo are some of the books I have on deck. Here’s what I read last month: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty – I continue to…
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