meredith lately

June 11, 2015

meredith lately

while she was trying to climb into the crib on her own and I gave her a boost with my hands as a “step”…
Meredith: (giggling) remember that mommy? Remember that?
Me: yes I remember that from two seconds ago.

Meredith: what’s that mommy?
Me: that’s your wart.
Meredith: is that from Jesus? Did Jesus put that there?

when we were picking her up from the grandparents’ house after a date night…
Meredith: where’d you go, guys?
Me: we went to the movies. We’ll take you to the movies one day when you get bigger.
Meredith: ok! I will go and you guys stay here and then I’ll come back.

driving to church we pass a hospital…
Me: that’s a hospital like where I work. Do you remember what I do at work?
Meredith: you’re a nurse! What are you Daddy?
David: a paralegal.
Me: Daddy helps people with their money.
Meredith: what is Liam?
Me: he’s a baby!
Meredith: what am I?
Me: a kid!
Meredith: no I work!!
Me: ok what do you do for work?
Meredith: play on the computer. I want to buy a pink one.
Me: you want to be a blogger?
Meredith: no a nurse! Because I’m gonna feed my baby because I’m gonna get big boobs. Right now I have little boobs.
Me: that’s right, but you know mommy doesn’t feed people with her boobs at work. It’s a different kind of nurse.
(had to clarify THAT misunderstanding real quick.)

meredith lately

while on a walk we saw a pizza delivery car with a sign on top…
Meredith: look!! he has something on his car! that is SO silly.
(we walk a few more minutes and then the car drives by us again on its way out)
Meredith: he’s back!!! (sighs) I’m SO glad he’s back.

while trying to put a sticker on and it got crumpled and she was frustrated…
Meredith: (crying) now I can’t use this one anymore ever!!
David: I can fix it for you, okay?
Meredith: but it’s crapped!!
David: huh??
Meredith: it’s crapped!!
David: cracked?
Meredith: (nodding seriously)

Meredith: when I go to school I wanna show my best friends that my nails are painted.
David: who are your best friends?
Meredith: Kayla, Arriya, Samani, and Layla!
Me: what about Caleb and Hunter?
Meredith: no I’m not friends with boys! Only girls!
David: since when are you only friends with girls?
Meredith: for five weeks.

while watching me eat yogurt in the car as we rushed to a kids’ birthday party…
Meredith: (sighing) I don’t have any food in my mouth and I’m sad about it.

Meredith: Mommy, you were a baby?
Me: yup!
Meredith: and you wore a diaper?
Me: yup!
Meredith: haha!! Oh mommy, you’re so cute. You are my favorite mommy.

meredith lately

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  1. 1

    From Sarah:

    Oh man, these are hilarious. I love how little kids’ brains work!

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Love the pavers/patio area in these pictures, simply gorgeous and it looks so very relaxing.

    As to Meredith, these had my chuckling out loud which is just what I needed after a long day. The nursing one really got me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    From Kathleen:

    That’s my in-laws’ backyard, I’m so jealous of it!

  4. 4

    From rachieannie:

    So cute!! She is so expressive – both verbally and physically!

  5. 5

    From Sarah K:

    OMG the “nurse” thing!
    I really need to write down more of what Josiah says. These are great!

  6. 6

    From Melissa:

    I always love these sorts of posts! It’s starting with Alice – This past week she’s been pointing to a zit on my face and saying “Mommy, owie.” :-|

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